With the year drawing to a close, and as we tend to reflect and look back on the year. I think in doing so, its only right for me to present the “House Negro Of The Year” award. Considering that there are a few days left to the year, its only appropriate that I announce this years recipient right now. I seriously doubt that any Black person can out do this guy even with a few weeks to go in 2008.

Now, in light of the decision last week for Clarence Thomas to call for a meeting to discuss Obama’s citizenship, and subsequent eligibility for the highest office in the land. I’m sure some of you may see him fit for this years award. Oh yeah, in case you didn’t know or forgot, Clarence Thomas is Black; don’t let his Uncle Tom-ish ways fool you into thinking differently. However, Clarence Thomas is currently the holder of the Lifetime Achievement Award in my book. And thus, makes him ineligible for any future awards. Lets be honest, he’s in the “House Negro Hall Of Fame”.

This years recipient is none other than Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. If you don’t know him, he can be found on pretty much any Fox News program playing the part of the “Slave Catcher”. From the first time I heard him speak over a year ago, this guy amazed me. Oh yeah, he’s pretty damn good. He said that White people posses a false sense of White guilt. He even went as far as to say that the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement were/are racist. And that White people are falsely accused of being racist. As a matter of fact, he was so good at playing his position I gave him the award last year for saying that Blacks were more racist than whites, and we Black people should stop it. Huh? Yeah, just on that, he got the award. But this year, he outdid himself.

Check it out…

Seriously, you have to watch this…

Now, this year was kind of a tough to call. There have been many instances of Negroes showing out which would make them worthy of this much prestigious award. That dude James T. Harris comes to mind. You guys remember him? Yeah, the guy who begged John McCain to take to Obama in his debate? Yeah, I wrote about him a few months ago, and yes he made me ashamed to be a Black man. But thanking White people for slavery, and saying that it was God’s way of helping Black people…and you’re a preacher…??You are definitely “House Negro Of The Year” material.

Matter of fact, this man has raised the bar. I seriously doubt there is anything anyone Black can say to top that as obvious self hate. Soulja Boy the rapper said something similar, but hey, he’s a young man, and a pretty dumb one at that. Thats the shit I would expect from him. After all, he had idiots singing along to his garbage and Super Soaking Hoes nationwide. So yeah, thankfully to our slave masters, we are able to have Bling and Spinners on our cars. Hell, I’d take a beating or having my foot cut off like Kunta Kinte just to have that Bling son!

I promise you, sometimes, I wish we could have a race trade kinda like they do in professional sports. If I had it my way, I’d trade Jesse Lee Peterson just so we could get O.J. Simpson back. Sure O.J. probably killed a White woman and got away with it, but at least he wasn’t running around saying stupid shit like this guy. I mean all he did after he got off the first time was screw White women and play golf. Nothing wrong with that. Most successful Black men do that shit everyday; we’re used to that by now.

Hell, I’d even take Michael Richards for Jesse Lee Peterson. Never mind his now infamous racist meltdown on stage, at least we know where he stands, and we can claim him as just another ignorant White dude, or somebody for us to beatup and punch in the face once a week. At least he’s a comedian, but umm, having Jesse Lee Peterson as a part of my race just isn’t cool anymore. Just when we’re proud to have a Black President for the first time in American History, we have clowns like him to be accomplices to the system of White Supremacy.I love White people…God know I do…But not as much as this Negro….

QUESTION: If we could have a race trade, who would you offer up for whom, and why? Sorry White people, but Black athletes are not up for grabs. You guys already own them.