I really hate to continue discussing this guy James T Harris, but dammit, he just won’t stop it with the cooning. I mean, this guy has taken his 15 minutes of fame to new heights. I’ve even read his blog, and since this all broke on Friday, he has written three blogs about his instant fame, and as he sees it, racist notoriety. Yeah, he said he’s been getting death threats, and that most of the negative commentary, and blogs about him are coming racist black people like me.

After begging John McCain to “take it to Obama” at the next debate, this black man is now making the news circuit. In the following clip, here is he beimng interviewed by Fox. I think its funny that he’s being interviewed and not the angry old white man who stood up and spoke at the very same rally. Instead of him, they’re parading the BLACK MAN to speak thru the media of his support for McCain.

See how they use black people? Especially when its to go against another black man, and create divisions. Sure it can be said that I’m guilty of this by posting this. But, do you really think thats what I’m doing here? No, I’m trying to show you people, just like I always have, how race is so much of an issue in America, that they will seek to exploit it. Now this guy is gonna be all over Fox News Channel like I expected. I swear, I wish we could offer a trade and get O.J. Simpson back in exchange for this guy. At least nobody wanted to poke microphones in O.J.’s face. Its too bad that this dude didn’t do his jig at a McCain rally in las Vegas. You know what they say…what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas; just ask O.J. Simpson, and he’ll tell you. If only this negro would stay off the airwaves, we’d all be happier.

Watch the video, and tell me…

doesn’t he look less rehearsed in answering the line of questioning?

Kinda makes it look more and more like a publicity stunt at the rally the other day doesn’t it?

Lemme know what you think.