Black South Carolina College Student Embraces & Defends Confederate Flag

Just when I thought that as the year draws closer to a close, that Herman Cain had a lock on my Slave Catcher of The Year Award. In steps another contender to make this much coveted award interesting. Now mind you, it takes a lot to knock my man Herman Cain out the box given all his documented Coonery. However, this latest surprise contender makes quite a compelling case worthy of the title. Of course he’s a virtually an unknown, but after this, I’m sure you’ll never forget the name, Byron Thomas, and just how he created an opening in the Negro history space-time-continuum thing-a-ma-jig. Byron is currently making some noise down there in South Carolina, for embracing and disp[laying the Confederate Flag in his college dorm window of the college he attends. Maybe not a big deal since this is in fact South Carolina, but Byron is Black, so…

Byron Thomas: Future Republican?

Now I don’t know what exactly it i that they put in the water down in South Carolina to produce the likes of Alvin Green, and now Byron Thomas. But I know one thing, my Negro friends down there yonder in the great state of South Carolina better be careful. I don’t know whether it’s in the water or in the air. However, this kids argument, or his stance for supporting the Confederate flag and what it represents is down right ridiculous.

I mean, we’re talking South Carolina here! The first friggin’ state to secede from the union before the Civil War! I’m not too sure of my American history, but the fact that they were first to secede, kinda sorta tells me that they really, really, really didn’t like anyone telling them what to do with their slaves. I mean it’s either that or they loved their slaves so much, that unlike the northern folks, they gave their slaves workers full benefits including a 401K plan. Yeah, maybe that’s it. As a matyter of fact, that has to be it. I mean that’s the only way any Black person would embrace the Confederate flag like my man Byron in the video above, right?

No seriously, can somebody save this brother….