9-Year-Old Student Suspended For Sexual Harassment, Ying Yang Twins Blamed

Before I go in on this one, here’s something to think about: Bishop Eddie Long, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, and the Ying Yang Twins are all from Georgia. OK, so what does that mean exactly? Well, if you know anything about the debauchery otherwise known as music that has come from the Ying Yang Twins. You’ll probably make the connection and understand why the above mentioned men all have sexual improprieties on record in their resumes. I don’t know, they might be all good guys and this is all a matter of coincidence. However, I’m sure they’ve all said the line, “wait ’till you see my,” to either an unwelcoming member of the opposite or same sex at some point in their lives. I mean there’s a big difference between flirting and and having a sexual harassment claim filed against your ass. Yep, just ask all of the guys mentioned above, they’ve all paid dearly for their infractions.

Speaking of infractions, checkout this latest foolishness out of North Carolina:

Now I really don’t want to get into the notion of this being an early education or introduction of a young Black boy to the judicial system. However, the reality of this situation cannot be ignored. I don’t know if you see the actions of this kid to be one that warrants a school suspension, but I don’t. More ridiculous is the idea that his infraction is being labeled sexual harassment.

Lemme guess: we gotta stop these sexually deviant Black boys from becoming the well known and documented nihilistic dysfunctional sexual beings rapists they become as men? Listen, this kid describing his teacher as being “cute” does not constitute sexual harassment any more than R. Kelly using a urinal make him a pedophile. Simply put: it’s bullshit! I know how touchy this can be for some of you. But, if he said his teacher was “the bomb,” would that have made him a terrorist?

I’m sorry, but this teacher is obviously feelin’ herself a lil’ bit too much, in my opinion. Sure 9-year-old boys can be hormonal and have weird sexual fantasies about the nuns in elementary school sorta like this one guy I know. But until said kid acts on it by grabbing his teachers booty, or saying something to her with the utmost respect like, “bitch, I think you fine den a mugg.” Again, I think this is much-ado about nothing. But then again, maybe this kid listens to the Ying Yang Twins.