Would Newt Gingrich’s “Work Ethic” Be Questioned Like Angel Adams’ If He Lived In The Hood?

Listen, Newt Gingrich is a political whore. That’s right; I said it, and I friggin’ meant it. Truth is, Newt hasn’t met a dollar he didn’t like. I heard Newt blowing the usual same ole GOP dog whistle, of talking shit about poor people the other day. Specifically, I heard he said some ole bullshit about kids in poor neighborhoods having no work ethic. According to him, kids in poor neighborhoods lack the necessary work ethic (unless it’s to do something illegal) because they’ve never been taught nor do they see anyone in their families working.

If you know me, or you’ve read this site long enough, you’d know that this is the sort of racist tripe that pisses me off. Hell yeah it’s racist because you know Newt’s ass was referring to minority kids in the hood. Not that their aren’t poor kids in “other” neigborhoods, but you know how it is here in Amuur’cuh: the face of perpetual dysfunction damn sure ain’t Becky and Daryl Wayne n’em out in the trailer park. Instead, it’s Shalonda, LaKeisha, and the latest example of all around foolishness, fuckery, and outright niggerdom as they see it, Angel Adams. Umm, meet Angel Adams below before reading further:

OK, so lemme just share my thoughts on Angel before I get back to the grown up Gerber baby looking-ass, Newt Gingrich. So I read Angel’s story about a year ago – please believe her story isn’t new. I gotta admit, when I first saw the above compiled video, my initial thoughts were simple: what the fuck are you doing with 15 kids, lady? But then it hit me: you know, this isn’t a so-called Black problem. Yep, being a single mother raising a literal village isn’t a Black thing. Matter of fact, though it may seem like some other worldly shit, women like Angel exist; and dammit, they ain’t all Black. But you know what? You wouldn’t believe it, because society has conditioned us to believe that maybe one in every five Black women are living on Welfare, with babies tumble out of their vagina while at the office of Social Services, just to get a check. People, tyhis isn’t true; it’s bullshit.

Angel Adams: Single Mother With 15 Kids

Now Angel as you see is very real; and yes, the sister obviously has a lot going on than a little bit. And yes, her attitude makes you wanna slap the shit out of her and say, “bitch, get it together!” But what I think is important for the sake of this post, is that we recognize Agel’s problem as Angel’s problem. It’s not a societal problem of unmotivated individuals as Newt Gingrich would have you believe. In truth, as retarded as it may sound, Angel’s story highlights a very serious problem in our country right now. That would be, the idea that this country is so broke, that it is unable to take care of the most needy among us through state social services. Her story is yet another example of just how wealth which is concentrated at the top, is passed down from generation to generation. I could be wrong, but I doubt Angel was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. But let’s say if Angel was able to make $100 million being a lobbyist, historian, or whatever Newt Gingrich happens to be. Do you think her having fifteen kids would matter? Was a Black woman having fifteen kids during slavery a problem?

Of course it wouldn’t matter if she was able to afford to take care of her kids without assistance from the state. Hell, if that was the case, given our voyeristic reality television fetish, we’d be tuning in every week to see how Angel and her kids are doing on her own show. I mean why not, we do it when it’s white folks with multiple children, no? Uh-huh, those very white folks we tune in to watch on television every week, actually get paid and are sponsored by the very corporate entities with access to political power like Newt Gingrich. You know, “people” who are able to influence policy enough to have a major bank get tax payer funds for handling state food stamp card processing like JP Morgan Chase does? Or maybe even the banks who charge people receiving unemployment benefits via a debit card a service fee, of which the state government gets cut and makes millions? Uh-huh, while you condemn Angel, ever thought about following the money? I mean as much money being made off of poor people, why should Angel have a problem receiving the “help” she feels she deserves? Oh that’s right; poor people are a problem.

So yeah, while you may be disgusted by Angel and all the women like her sucking the country dry like a titty. Think about all the people like Newt Gingrich who make millions to assist very wealthy corporations who pay very little in taxes, to receive their form of Welfare or assistance. But if that’s just too much of a guilt trip for you. Instead, think about all the “good people” who are responsible unlike Angel, who stand to lose as the government proceeds to implement austerity measures as they cut back on necessary services and programs. Please believe, though welfare cash payments have declined  since the recession, there’s more to government handouts  than Angel and her kids.