White Man March was a Big Fail for 5 Reasons

The White Man March was a failure. Somehow, I am not surprised.

The White Man March was the brainchild of Kyle Hunt. This Caucasian human being (which I am referring to for the sake of jest), the organizer of the event, wrote extensively about the event on his own page under the FAQ (frequently asked questions). If you ask  The Observer, they were questions “which would probably be better served as the Q.N.A.E.B.Y page (Questions Never Asked Ever By Anyone)” [1]. Still, Kyle Hunt felt that it was necessary to combat against the anti-White agenda that is running rampant throughout the United States. Thus, he made due to combat this anti-White sentiment with a march.

white man march 1

Do believe I’m going to #WhiteManMarch myself to the kitchen and make myself a sandwich!

— Zachary Lipez (@ZacharyLipez) March 15, 2014


Well, it is good to know that this march was a huge failure for him, the scared portion of White America, and all racists as a whole.

There are five clear reasons that this march failed to deliver the goods:

1.)    The White Man March failed because the protestors are white:

Most of the people would have to be white, right? If you look realistically at the “white man’s plight” in this hear country, you should notice that there is no plight to be had. You heard it right: white people do not have issues to be concerned about. Are they facing mass incarceration, heavy racial discrimination, and being killed by scary Black people because their music is too loud? No? Okay then.

Yeah but why isn’t there a White Man April? #WhiteManMarch

— Luke O’Neil (@lukeoneil47) March 15, 2014


2.)    The premise of The White Man March is anybody’s joke:

white man march 3

Kyle Hunt is a brave man. He is also delusional. He forgot what being white actually meant. He forgot that, as a whole, white people are not struggling like that. He did not realize that there is a frame of reference for some of their success and “easier living”. No, not all white people have it good. However, many don’t have to face some of the challenges that Black people (or other races) do. Which leads to the next reason…

Come for the overwhelming concentration of power and privilege stay because the police won’t disrupt white people #WhiteManMarchProtestSigns

— The Poly Pagan (@Falcc) March 15, 2014


3.)    The White Man March forgot about white privilege:

White privilege is that “elephant in the room” that keeps eating all of the peanuts with pure denial. It exists. We can deny its existence all we want. We can act like it has no play in our society. However, when a Buzzfeed article can point out some inane facts about white privilege with uncontested truth,  we may need to reevaluate our beliefs.


4.)    Nobody cared about The White Man March

I cannot say it simpler enough. Nobody cared, Kyle! Nobody cared about this sniveling and whining disguised as a march for the freedom and justice for white men. You didn’t need to have a march. With reason number three in tow, t.he march was ridiculous to begin with

#WhiteManMarchProtestSigns Where’s Our White Entertainment Television.

— WesleyZ3 (@50th_President) March 15, 2014


5.)    The White Man March had no momentum:

With the instances of white privilege, the lack of serious issues, and the jokes of it all completely destroyed any momentum to be had. People either joked or ignored it. Black people shook their heads. Others just wrote articles about it for the sake of news and SEO hits. The White Man March was nothing more that RSS feed filler for many of us. And that right there makes me happy.

Awkward moment when @tedcruz tries to speak at the #whitemanmarch#whitemanmarchprotestsigns

— Dante Gomez (@DanteGomez15) March 15, 2014


I would like to give a shout out to Complex for collecting these hilarious tweets. You guys are awesome.