Why I Want to Stuff a Dolma in Darrell Issa’s Mouth

With his “investigations” on Benghazi and the I.R.S. losing the steam they never had, Darrell Issa has now turned his attention to the website of the ACA. This fake, phony, fraud is “concerned” that the website is not secure enough and that people who sign up are having their identity stolen. Now of course, just like with “voter fraud” there aren’t any documented cases but hey..when have the facts ever gotten in the way of a Darrell Issa probe?

It’s no surprise that Issa’s latest foray into nothingness comes when enrollments for Obamacare have hit the 5 million mark. It is his facile attempt to alter the positive news cycle the ACA is enjoying and bring negativity and suspicion back to your TV screens and computer monitors. Those of us with a brain can see through this ploy but this is America, a place where the Issa’s of the world are allowed to exist and get rich.

darrell-issa (1)Darrel Issa is an arsonist, a car thief, a thug, a lowlife. That he is allowed to conjure up fake scandals just to try and lower the approval rating of our President is disgusting and shows why our system of government is for shit. Remember he RUNS these hearings, he is the top guy. After what he pulled with Rep. Cummings, he should have been thrown off the committee.. period. But that has all been forgotten it seems as we talk about Cremia and a missing airplane 24 fucking hours a day. Such small brains Americans have, especially those who run the mainstream media. Hey maybe the missing airplane is in Cremia! Then we can combine the two stories for even lazier news coverage! Anyway I digress.

Let’s get back to Issa. The bottom line is this. He could give two shits whether or not his 700,000 constituents have health coverage. He really doesn’t give a damn. He has GREAT GOVERNMENT PROVIDED insurance. All he cares about is throwing all the shit he can at the fan, even though none of it will stick it still stinks up the air and makes those of us who are less, oh let’s say, enlightened, to believe the administration is corrupt. That’s his entire motive, his reason to exist. I have contempt for him but he wouldn’t be here if those people in his district didn’t vote him in over and over. Those people make me truly ashamed to live in California.

That list of criminal activities that Issa was involved with seems to only act as a resume booster for a Republican these days. Let’s say a Democrat was an arsonist, a car thief, a thug, a lowlife. What would Republicans be saying about him or her? You think the mainstream media would be silent about it?

As the great Rep. Cummings said in that committee hearing when Issa decided to play games with his microphone, this is no way to run things. No way to run a committee, a Congress or a country.

This criminal needs his mouth shut once and for all.