Stand Your Ground Ohio!: Ohio Considering Stand Your Ground Law

Ohio’s war on Black people took center stage recently when State Senators take up proposals to change the wording of laws governing self defense.

Having already passed laws to suppress the Black vote, the proposed changeson the table today, would bring Ohio in compliance with Florida stand your ground statutes, which basically declare perpetual open season on young black men by some fearful gun toting whites. No, I didn’t stutter…talk at me when white guys with guns start killing wiggers (hasn’t happened anywhere these laws are in force)

Now, bear in mind, there is nothing wrong with the Ohio law as is. It ain’t broke. It’s working as it was written to work. Police and the courts are happy as is.

So why fix it?

In the same vein as  the unneeded “fixes” to voting laws, the “fix” changes Ohio’s self-defense law so that as long as a person is in a place he or she is legally allowed to be, the person has no duty to RETREAT before shooting someone to protect himself or his property ( note: using deadly force to defend property is illegal in Ohio-another law governs…not sure if this “fix” will supercede.)

Ohio students protest proposed "stand your ground" legislation by pretending to be dead
Ohio students protest proposed “stand your ground” legislation by pretending to be dead

Those in favor of this “fix” say it benefits the victims of violent crimes who should not be obligated to retreat when and if someone attacks them.

In other words as long as they feel afraid, they can justifiably shoot to kill.

Couple that with the fact that Ohioans already have concealed carry in the streets, in their car, in bars, in arenas, and coming, in schools, you may as well say, welcome to Dodge City.

Ohio, like Florida, becomes an open air shooting gallery for the mentally or fearfully unhinged.

The man who chooses to pull a gun is not just protecting himself..he is putting those around him at risk as well. What about people caught in crossfire. Michael Dunn didn’t even care that there were other people around when he opened fire on the car that was driving away from him. In some respects, he’s lucky he only killed Jordan Davis.

Said State Representative Alicia Reece; “We cannot, should not and would not accept a law that allows someone to follow someone who has done nothing … and hunt them down, and then hide behind the law..”

Rep. Matt Lynch, R-Chagrin Falls, “We are making smart changes that allow people to properly exercise self-defense.”
But then again, the problem with these laws is their interpretation by the police, by the courts and by the jury, if it gets that far.

All of these fixes is like building a house of cards….add the right card in the wrong place…and it’s gonna tumble…

Law of averages…Law of probability…Ohio law based in fear…some innocent person is gonna get hurt or die as a result.

Yep…fear of a Black planet..





Oh high O….vote responsibly in November