Prof. Derrick Bell’s Wife Speaks to Ed Shultz in Defense of Right-Wing “Racist” Smear

After writing recently about the right-wing’s obsession with taking president Obama down and the creation of yet another Black bogeyman in the form of the late Harvard professor, Derrick Bell. It was truly refreshing to sit and watch Ed Shultz interview the late professor’s wife on The Ed Show last night. Not that I’m really into protecting the legacy of the man — the legacy he left speaks for itself. Heck, the many lives he has touched in the interest of justice and equality like that of Sally Kohn — who happens to be white — can speak volumes as a former student, on his influence, and his character.

But, to hear Janet Dewart Bell describe the man who is now the center of what I call a non-controversy. One has to wonder what planet are these Republican idiots are from, and when are they going back. They funny thing as I see it is how these people can have more compassion (and respect) for an animal than they would an educated Black man; and yes, that would include the president of the United States as well. Labeling Bell as being racist is the most idiotic thing I’ve heard in a while since the last turd that tumbled from he mouth of Sarah Palin and company. I swear, these right-wing nut-jobs make decent white folk look bad.