Eric Holder on Voter ID Laws: Voting is a “Constitutional Right” and “Not a Privilege”

Not to belabor a point, but as I’ve recently stated: unlike having to show an ID to utilize the privilege of boarding an airplane in our current post-nine eleven society, casting a ballot is a fundamental right protected by the US Constitution; and, any attempts to abridge said right to vote, is anti-democratic, and should be taken seriously. How seriously? As seriously as we would any threat of invasion or assault by any foreign military force; in other words, as serious as the threat of some rogue theocracy launching a nuclear upon citizens of the US within our borders.

You might not agree with me, but it is in fact that serious. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not only sincerely misinformed, but either they’re willfully ignorant, unpatriotic, or maybe a Republican (?).

“We want to make sure that our elections are free from fraud. But they is no proof that our elections are marred by in person voter fraud.” -- U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder

Having said that, it’s good to know that we live in a nation that provides checks and balances to protect our rights, or a country where a vigilant citizenry is encouraged. Because as we all know, in this country we hold each other to the truth that all men are created equal. Yes, even with our problems, this is what we should all aspire to achieve and hold each other accountable to. Having said that, listen to the words of US Attorney General Eric Holder in an interview with NBC’s Pete Williams, on the subject of voter suppression, and more specifically, the issue of voter ID laws.

As the Attorney General says in the following interview, “What were talking here is a constitutional right. This is not a privilege. The right to vote is something that fundamental to who we are as Americans. We have people who have given their lives, people have sacrificed a great deal in order for people to have the right to vote. It’s what distinguishes the United States from most other countries.” But maybe none of this means anything to you; if so, I guess it can be said that you’re not as patriotic as some of us.

But then again, Eric Holder being a black man like our president makes him unintelligent. Which means you’re racist, and quite naturally would explain why you disagree with the Department of Justice’s recent decision to  block Texas’ attempt to disenfranchise Latino voters.