Game Change: Oh the “Moose Dookie” that Falleth from the Mouth of Sarah Palin

I watched the premiere of the movie ‘Game Change’ on HBO last Saturday. I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to see it just yet, but the movie confirms what we’ve long suspected: Sarah Palin is a self-serving imbecile. Yeah, I know you conservatives are thinking: the lame-stream media bias can be a bitch. Uh huh, all of us on the left are a little too hard on the fair wench from Wasilla with all of our lies and mischaracterizations.

The one thing I must say after watching the movie, is that I have a new respect for Senator John McCain. He didn’t like the way they portrayed him as the cursing sailor, but I appreciated it. To me, he appeared more human and a lot different from the short-armed cyborg caricature on the campaign trail. What I appreciated more than that, was his refusal of the suggestion to use race as a basis for attacks on then Senator Obama.

For that, McCain is to be commended.

But anywhichaways, speaking of race and game changing idiots. Have you heard about the latest brouhaha over Andrew Breitbart’s latest failed attempt to smear president Obama? Supposedly some very damaging video which has been public forever has surfaced. In it, it captures footage of the then Kenyan Muslim extremist, turned Black Panther, turned Black nationalist we now know as president Barack Obama, upping the ante on the infamous terrorist fist bump by hugging the first tenured African American Harvard law professor, the late Derrick Bell.

So why is this damaging? Well, while everyone over at Breitbart world stumbles to explain the danger in Bell’s “Critical Race Theory” — which happens to be very real — the real truth is that Derrick Bell was the mastermind behind Nat Turner’s violent slave revolt, which resulted in the deaths of many white folks. And of course, no black president can ever be seen in the company of such a radical mind in the United States of White People in America. So of course, president Obama’s paling around with black terrorists like Rev. Jeremiah Wright and now Derrick Bell means one thing. That’s right; it means he doesn’t like white folks. And as Sarah Palin put it, Obama intends to return the country to pre-Civil War days. Yeah, because you know how we loved slavery.

Now everything you’ve read on this post up to this point sounds really absured, right?

Well, this kinda sorta helps to prove a point: right-wing loons like Sarah Palin and the idiots to worship her are fucking idiots. OK, now think of this bullshit for a second: Derrick Bell who at one time worked for the Dept. Of Justice, who was also the first tenured black law professor at Harvard is captured on tape being introduced by none other than Barack Obama, at a rally protesting the lack of diversity when it comes to tenured professors at one of the nations most prestigious schools, somehow in the mind of Palin is a sure fire tip of where the country is heading?

Alright, let me simplify this bullshit: Obama is at a rally asking people to, “open up your hearts and minds, to the words of professor Derrick Bell,” at a rally to protest a lack of diversity, but somehow this means that America’s first black president wants to return the country to the days when blacks were slaves and considered three-fifths of white folks? Yeah, how idiotic is that, right? Shit, I’ve never met a regressive black nationalist, have you? No really, how downright stupid is that!?!

Sarah Palin: Playing Stupid on Television Since 2008

I won’t even go into her bullshit about the Civil War being fought to make the descendants of African slaves equal. Yeah, I won’t go into her attempt to rewrite history and exclude Jim Crow laws or even the Civil Rights Movement. I won’t because there are special needs kids like her son Trigg who are aware of this fact as adults. I would say that this line of garbage from Palin is more of the same: ignorance packaged in multi-syllable incoherent turds. Yes, this is yet another example of how Sarah Palin has changed the game. Her rise to prominence since the 2008 campaign, as I see it, is cause célèbre for brainless amoeba of the Conservative Republican base. It’s the reason someone like Rick Santorum can thumb his nose at higher education, or president Obama’s initiative to improve the accessability and affordability of obtaining a higher education beyond high school.

There are millions of children who slip through the cracks each year. But never again will there be one to do so and rise to the top much like Sarah Palin has. In a way I feel sorry for poor John McCain for taking a gamble on Palin as a running mate. I do because I believe that as the movie shows, nobody believed that this woman could have been as unbelievably ignorant and idiotic as she was and is. One thing’s for sure: she reflects the arrogance and confidence often exhibited by many Americans very well; and, she gives new meaning to the notion of faking it to make it.

Now that I think about it, maybe this is all a Jedi mind trick…