Jon Stewart: Stop Making Excuses for That Racist Oklahoma Frat

Dear, White Jesus, thank you so much for Jon Stewart.

If you listened to the not-so-melanin crew on Morning Joe yesterday, thanks to them, you now know that racism in America was birthed by rap music.

jon-stewart-morning-joe-sae-racist-chantIt may sound ridiculous, but hey: who knew that African slaves and their direct descendants had time to do BET-styled ciphers between picking cotton, getting whipped, raped etc. No, seriously: why then would there be a viral video of White frat boys at Oklahoma University singing chants about “hanging niggers” not being acceptable as members of their Sigma Alpha Epsilon club.

It may bear repeating, but without God and the aforementioned Jon Stewart, I don’t know how in the world a brother like me could be able to get through this madness.