#SAE – The Important Unimportance of Sigma Alpha Epsilon

SAE and their racist debacle is actually making its rounds. We have been hearing about it all week. Parker Rice, member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, was the main one leading the chant. After releasing his apology, it seemed as if the entire Black populace didn’t really care. We all understand that Sigma Alpha Epsilon made their situation known: they are a fraternity built around racist culture.

And you know the media is piling story upon story and more research upon research. Anchors on the morning show “Morning Joetried to connect this incident to rap music (ignorance). Then, there is thereference to Black members of the fraternity and even a racially divisive frat house mom being defended by those members. The media has made this situation into a whirlwind of emotional and logical opinions. With that said, Sigma Alpha Epsilon is getting their shine.

And that shine is all negative.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon – How Blacks Really Feel

However, I’m just going to put it out there: most Black people could give a shit less.

There, I said it.


Let us look at this from a realistic point of view. Do you actually expect a race of people within the structure of a society that bastardizes it existence and forces us to “fend for ourselves” actually care about racist chants of exclusion? Since 1906, African Americans have been maintaining their own Greek letter organizations. We were NEVER expected to be a part of their organizations. So, to be honest, those young men being exposed only hurt Oklahoma University and Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

As if we wanted to be a part of this nowadays....


Trust me on this one: I have talked to plenty of people about it. All they said was “So? This is not news.” It’s like a restaurant saying it doesn’t serve your kind, yet none of your people eat there anyway.

If we dig deeper, this is just another example for Black people to say “screw them and let us do for ourselves”. Plenty of people will get into their intellectual feelings and note that we should be abandoning predominantly white universities altogether. Hell, one football recruit gave the university the middle finger after this mess became public. And the removal of Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s letters and school housing is meaningless. In the end, all of this is symbolic of African Americans needing to think less of what White America has to say about us.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon – The Deeper Issue

Still, there is the existence of the bigger problem: the ingrained culture of racism. What many of us have to understand is many of these young men grow up to be both successful and/or powerful. These could potentially be your future business owners, lawyers, judges, and CEO’s. There is no telling where their lives will professionally be lead. With their racist culture intact, this will only keep America’s ugliest attribute active in society.

SAE Racism

Why this unimportant event is important has nothing to do with the event itself. Intrinsically, we have to see that Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a symbol of the societal sickness that is racism. And it goes beyond Oklahoma’s face saving response. It also goes beyond a fraternity’s exclusive membership that most Black men don’t want anyway. This digs into the belief that we are in a post racial society that never existed.

This event symbolizes that racism is going to exist until White America cleanses itself of it.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon – Epilogue

The incident, for Black people, is not that important. We understand that racism is alive and well. However, what this incident symbolizes is the real problem. We can take everything we want from these young men at the university level. However, what is going to happen when they get out into society? What happens when their simple chant of brotherhood becomes actions and policies of segregation and abused civil rights?

It isn’t the present we need to be concerned for; it is the future.