Creflo Dollar and Losing Our Religion

In recent times, Creflo Dollar had the audacity to ask for $65 million dollars for a private plane. You read that right: a preacher started a GoFundMe site for the sake of raising $65 million dollars. It wasn’t for the sake of saving lives. It wasn’t for the sake of presenting an economic plan to help those in need. In short, Creflo Dollar did this all for selfish reasons.

Sure, we can easily say that it was for the sake of “spreading his gospel”. Of course, we can say that he is “a man of God”. Creflo Dollar, and any other prosperity preacher, should actually “roll in style without being hampered by situations of commonality”. If it is God’s will, then it should be for anyone (including Creflo Dollar) to have whatever is available in the world. If it was meant to be, then it will be.

creflo-dollar_1_640xHowever, that isn’t what happened. Creflo asked people (not God) to bless him with a private plane through funding.

Creflo Dollar and the Mass Exodus from Christianity?

What is becoming apparent is that more and more people are claiming to not follow any type of religion. According to Huffington Post, this number has grown over decades:

A new survey shows in stark relief that what some are calling the Great Decline of religion in America continues: Since 2012, the U.S. has about 7.5 million more Americans who are no longer active in religion.

Last week, the 2014 General Social Survey was released. The GSS is the gold standard for sociological surveys. Funded by the National Science Foundation, this multimillion-dollar study gives us the most accurate data on American society — including religion.

(An important point to remember as you see the data: Each percentage point increase represents a growth of 2.5 million adults. So a 3-point rise in secularity, for example, means that about 7.5 million people left religion since 2012.) [1]

Among these findings from this “gold standard survey” are these noticeable numbers:

Creflo Dollar 3

The 2014 GSS showed that “nones” are 23 percent of the population, up 3 points from 2012. Catholics are at 24 percent. [2]

Creflo Dollar 4

Over a third of Americans (35 percent) do not go to church, which is a new high. [3]

Creflo Dollar 5

The percentage who never pray is also up from 14 percent to 17 percent. [4]

Creflo Dollar and the Problem with Religion

It is becoming more and more evident that plenty of people are not claiming religion like they used to. A lot of times, there are issues with how they treat certain people (gays in particular). Other times, people are just tired of how religious conservatives act. There are always a myriad of reasons for religious exodus. Those reasons are making it easier for people to leave religion alone.

Then, we have issues like the one Creflo Dollar presented: a lack of focus on what really matters.

Creflo Dollar is supposed to be a “man of the cloth”. And a “man of the cloth” is supposed to be a man of the people. Yet, here we are talking about how he wanted to raise money for a personal plane and not raising this money to actually benefit society in any form or fashion.

Creflo Dollar 2

We have to understand that the church is a cornerstone of American society. The church is supposed to be a safe haven for those in need. It also serves as a community focus center that works to improve the surrounding area.  Preachers are people put upon a pedestal of piety and reclamation of self. The church, in itself, is built for the benefit of humanity.

When religion began to benefit the preacher and not the community, then there is a problem.

Creflo Dollar’s issue is that he isn’t a preacher; he is a pimp. Your preacher cannot honestly ask for $65 million dollars for an airplane without at least a side eye gaze. Nick Chiles (of Atlanta Black Star) even pointed out numerous ways this money could have benefited the community. Yet, the best Creflo Dollar could come up with was something so selfish and vanity filled as an airplane for the sake of spreading his gospel? It can’t be that hard out here for a pimp who has that much audacity.

Creflo Dollar did have the site taken down. So, I guess I was wrong: pimping really ain’t easy.