WATCH: Muslim Journalist Shuts Down FOX News Analyst

Now that we know that the people who planned and carried out the Paris attacks were all European nationals, do we stop allowing Europeans to enter the United States?

Personally, Or is that distinction just reserved for the brown-skinned people with funny-sounding names? You know, the people who pray to Allah, who are victimized the most in the world by Islamic extremists?

I’m only asking since right-wing nutjobs are demanding that the US government close its borders to Syrian refugees attempting to flee said victimization. You know, garden variety racist and xenophobic Republican rhetoric?

Jessie Jane Duff and Noor Tagouri debate Syrian refugees (WTTG/screen grab)
Jessie Jane Duff and Noor Tagouri debate Syrian refugees (WTTG/screen grab)

In the video above, Muslim journalist Noor Tagouri clashed with Jessie Jane Duff, a military analyst who frequently appears on Fox News on Washington D.C.’s Fox 5.

ISIS wants its own state – as in territory. In geographical terms, I think they still call it land. Like Israel, they want their own gangstas paradise.

Ask a Palestinian what it’s like to live in apartheid in that environment.

Trust me, ISIS isn’t envious of the freedom we enjoy in America, as we’re often led to believe. No, it’s not about that at all. But don’t tell that to the “privileged folk” who are easily motivated by fear. You know, people like Donald Trump who has proposed closing mosques, and a national registry for any Muslim in America? Or, like Jeb Bush – yet another Republican running for president –  who thinks the U.S. government should only permit Christian refugees from Syria to enter America.

Both unconstitutional proposals, but who cares.

What’s next? Internment camps and gas chambers?