Black Lives Matter Protesters Shot By White Supremacist

Sometimes, the black lives matter peaceful protest isn’t respected as it should be. As “passive” as it may seem to many of us, being nonviolent about a situation that is vicious should be commended. A lot of us should actually commend the fact that plenty of protesters haven’t gone the “walk around armed and dangerous” route that would lead to more concern, media frenzy, and arrests. If these protesters were “ready for war”, then things could immediately “go left”. In short, we should be glad that someone hasn’t been shot.

Well, that moment has subsided.

black-lives-matter-minneapolis_1_650xProtesters were shot in Minneapolis during a peaceful protest late last night (November 23, 2015) and I am not making this up. There is more here:

A peaceful demonstration for Jamar Clark and Black Lives Matter exploded into violence late Monday night in Minneapolis when suspected white supremacists opened fire on the protesters.

Early reports seemed to indicate that only two had been shot, but it appears that a total of five people have been shot. The AP confirmed five with the police, supporting what many other protesters stated via Twitter. [1]


Wow. And there is more information on the situation as it unfolds:

The suspects at this time are white males in ski masks. Protesters have alleged that they were white supremacists based on their earlier behavior and presence at the rally, and police and others say that they are equipped with bullet-proof vests.

Misky Noor, a Black Lives Matter spokeswoman, told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, “A group of white supremacists showed up at the protest, as they have done most nights.” Protesters tried to eject them peacefully when they suddenly opened fire about a block away from the 4th precinct. [2]

You cannot make this stuff up. Then again, this is the same nation that had a young man massacre a group of people in a Black church and get arrested. Meanwhile, that same young man was taken out to eat for the sake of police protocol.



Black Lives Matter Shooting Raises Real Concerns

And this is why I have always been concerned about the climate of propaganda being pushed by the media and digested by the general American populace (Black people included). Many people have made it seem as if these protesters are nothing but a bunch of whiners. Too many times, these peaceful protesters have been made to be complainers that don’t do enough for their collective situations. I have heard it a million times: “you complain about the police, but what about black-on-black crime” or “if you do what you are supposed to do, then you don’t have to worry about being shot”. For years, people have made protesters against injustice out to be babies that deserve spankings.

And now we have this “spanking” in the form of a shooting. Great.

Black Lives Matter Shooting Aftermath

Now, we have to be aware of these protesters either moving on or taking up arms. “Moving on” would be the most satisfactory for many people. However, history should let us know that shit isn’t happening. People “trying to be nice” were shot like some lowly criminals. It must be understood that this situation may get uglier.

I know I shouldn’t say this, but is there a chance that Farrakhan was right? You know: maybe they will stop trying to kill us when we show that we are willing to kill them as well? And this is no anti-white agenda or pro-race war crap. I’m talking about “bullies beating up on the passive” type of situation. At some point, bullies respect two things: mental reform or a punch to the teeth. And I don’t think any of these shooters are trying to talk this out.

Black Lives Matter Shooting Epilogue

Now, many will wonder if Black Lives Matter will continue to protest. Others will wonder if protesters will just be armed to the teeth. Whatever it is, things are about to change. Yet, things remain the same: same oppression, same racism, and same physical harm. Now, it’s in 2015 instead of 1965. And that’s the scary part: the lack of true progression is rearing its ugly head. What’s even scarier, though, is how Black people will respond.

The collective Black response could potentially be the scariest of all.


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