Planned Parenthood versus Idiot Pro-Lifers

This past Friday (November 27th, 2015), a gunman help up a Planned Parenthood and shot multiple people. A few of these people have died. A good number of those people were police officers. Colorado Springs was held under siege by a man that had some sort of anti-abortion agenda. In short, we just witnessed an act of civil terrorism on Black Friday.

Robert Lewis Dear
Robert Lewis Dear

Sad enough, that isn’t the part that shocks me. What shocks me is that there are pro-lifers out there that want to make this man out to be a hero. Yes, I said it: there are people out there that want to make Robert Dear out to be some type of Superman for their ideologies and movements. Forget the fact that he harmed and murdered innocent people. In contrast, there are those that see him as doing some sort of “public good”.

Don’t believe me? Well, just take a gander at some of these tweets:

Planned Parenthood Attacks Seen As Justified Homicide

There should be an immediate problem with seeing this act of terror as some sort of justified homicide. People can disagree with the abortion issue all they want to. People can hold onto their beliefs as much as possible. What is NOT right is the fact that some of us find it commendable to take someone’s life because our beliefs don’t match. This goes along the line of the “God, judge, and jury” beliefs that many of these same people would want to include in their debates if someone said something they didn’t care for.

What I am saying is this: how can you be an American and actually validate such heinous acts as some courageous situation?

The Planned Parenthood Attack Made No Sense

And did these cheerleaders of the incorrigible actually think to see what was going on in that said Planned Parenthood? Last time I checked, Planned Parenthood isn’t some haven for abortions. We should all know that this organization, with all of its dreadful history, deals with reproductive healthcare. So, plenty of people go to Planned Parenthood for reasons besides abortions. I mean, it should be obvious if people would do research.

But that’s just it: plenty of people don’t do research because they are sheep to those with agendas. From talking heads to politicians, many people are fed schemas that fit into some way of thinking that thrives off of half-truths, lies, and incomplete facts. Still, these people will carry out on their way believing in things that may not be real. A couple of clicks on the World Wide Web would actually do some of these people some good. For others, however, it is the reason why they believe what they believe. Too many people lack the ability to discern between exactitude and excrement.

Planned Parenthood Ad Finite

Planned Parenthood is not the devil, Robert Dear is no hero, and these people that believe otherwise are idiots. But idiocy is cheered upon in America. Insert any person that says anything dumb and gets paid for it just to see the truth of what I just said. When people can lie and make money off it, then you know there is a problem. Add mental health issues, the need to take action, and this is what you get: the insipid cheering on the actions of a mentally deficient terrorist.

God help America.