The GOP Needs Divine Intervention

I didn’t watch the GOP debate last night; instead, I opted to watch the NFL playoff game. Trust me, the football game was less predictable than the run of the mill Obama ain’t shit talking point. I did however, vatch a small portion of the debate this morning, and as usual, I wasn’t surprised. At this stage of the game, even if there was a clear GOP frontrunner, I believe the clear winner in this year’s general election would be president Obama. And I say that given the fact that the economy id slowly improving. I mean it’s hard to conti9nue to pushs the meme that Obama’s policies have failed when unemployment has dropped to a new low of 8.4%. I mean, can we credit the do-nothing Republican Congress for this new brightspot? By September, should unemployment dip below 8% for the first time in a long time.Can we say that it was a direct result of the GOP obstructionism of the last 3yrs? Yeah, I’d say the GOP needs a divine intervention; it’s the only thing that can help them win.

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