Deported Missing Black Girl Rerturns Home

I just got word via that 15-year-old Jakadrien Turner is on her way home. In case you’re not familiar with her story, just know that I stand by my words: she should have never been deported; plain and simple. I’m just glad that they were able to quickly work out her return to Dallas.

It would have been a huge embarassment if we had to send in Jessuie Jackson to play negotiator as he has done many times before. Hopefully there aren’t anymore deported Black kids in Columbia.

Jakadrien Turner was turned over to U.S. embassy officials this morning.

U.S. Embassy officials have confirmed that Jakadrien Turner is on a plane from Colombia to the United States. 

On Thursday the. U.S. Embassy gave Colombian officials all the documents they wanted to prove Turner is an American citizen.

Having those documents in hand they agreed to turn her over this morning.  She is being escorted now to Dallas.

[…] Jakadrien Turner’s story started when she ran away from her Oak Cliff home a year and a half ago.

She ended up in Houston and was arrested for shoplifting.

Jakadrien lied and said she was from Colombia and no one thoroughly checked out her story, so the 15-year-old was deported last April.

Her determined grandmother found her in South America and alerted police.

Jakadrian had been working in a call center in Colombia and even posted that job on her Facebook page.

But the drama is ending because Jakadrien has a grandmother who was determined to find her.

Of course what strikes me as odd, is that this non-Spanish speaking 15-year-old was able to find work in a Columbian call center. There’s some dramatic irony to this fact that she was able to. But I’ll leave that alone, and welcome her back to the US. I only in hope that in reuniting with her relatives, they can work things out, and she doesn’t feel the need to run away again. At any rate, thanks to her, we now know just where Black people can go to find jobs in this shitty economy.

If the gov’t can’t stop drugs coming in from Columbia, should we be surprised they let this happen?