Pious Bologna: So Rick Santorum’s Wife Had a Partial-Birth Abortion?

I really wish someone in the media or campaign trail would ask Rick Santorum about this. I could be wrong, but him being pro-life and all, this sorta sounds like murder, no? I mean, isn’t this what him and his evangelical buddies are against? You know, a woman’s right to choose? Not that I’m biased in any way. But I remember Rick Santorum saying something outrageous, that president Obama should be against abortions because he’s a Black man. Whatever that means I have no idea. However, clearly Rick and his wife’s whiteness isn’t against partial-birth abortions.

This vis The Cagle Post:

Rick & Karen Santorum

Two days later, she became severely feverish. She was rushed to the hospital and placed on intravenous antibiotics, which reduced her fever and bought her some time, but could not eliminate the source of infection: the fetus.

Karen was going to die if her pregnancy was not ended, if the fetus was not removed from her body. So, at 20 weeks, one month before what doctors consider ‘viability’, labor was artificially induced and the infected fetus was delivered. It died shortly thereafter.

I wonder if Rick thinks the doctor who did this procedure for his wife should be “criminally charged” as should all abortion providers as he has openly stated? Further, I wonder of God is still mad at him and Karen for this? More importantly, I wonder why he isn’t asked about this on the campaign trail?