Arrest of Drug Dealers Linked to Philip Seymour Hofman Should Bug You

Philip Seymour Hoffman was a very talented actor — from me, there’s no debate about it. Whether he died as a result of slipping and falling in the tub, being hit by a bus, or of an apparent drug overdose doesn’t diminish that fact. For many, his death was a shock. I suppose this was the case as it is for any celebrity who dies of a drug overdose. Why? Because celebrities are larger than life, and infallible.

But here’s the truth: drug abuse isn’t a poor people thing. It’s a “broken people doing whatever it takes to feel better,” thing. It’s a disease, and it’s about time that we started treating it like a public health matter, as opposed to being a criminal issue where the only treatment can be found in prison.

Speaking of which, I have to say I found it shocking that there have been four arrests made in connection to Hoffman’s death. According to CNN, the NYPD has arrested three men and one women in connection to the 50 bags of heroin found in Hoffman’s home, when his body was discovered. How the police were able to make this connection I have no idea, but allegedly they did.

Four people thought to be connected to the drugs found in Philip Seymour Hoffman’s apartment were arrested late Tuesday night, law enforcement officials told CNN.


During the raid that led to the arrest of the three men and one woman, police recovered 350 glassine-type bags of what is believed to be heroin, the officials said.


No additional information was released.


When police were called to Hoffman’s fourth-floor Manhattan apartment Sunday, they found the actor lying on the bathroom floor with a syringe in his left arm. He was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, his eyeglasses still resting on his head, according to law enforcement sources familiar with the inquiry.


Investigators discovered close to 50 envelopes of what they believed was heroin in the apartment, the law enforcement sources said. They also found used syringes, prescription drugs and empty glassine-type bags, the sources said.


[…] Preliminary tests Tuesday showed the heroin recovered from the apartment does not contain fentanyl, a law enforcement official told CNN. More testing will be done.


Fentanyl is a powerful narcotic used to treat cancer patients’ pain.


Last week, Maryland officials said heroin tainted with fentanyl had claimed at least 37 lives since September. And last month, at least 22 people in western Pennsylvania died after using heroin mixed with fentanyl.

The fact that the NYPD was rigorous in its pursuit of the alleged drug dealers in this instance, to me, speaks to the height of privilege in this country. What it says to me is that unless you’re a rich person in America, you’re not a priority. If Philip Seymour Hoffman was a regular guy, and he was found dead with 100 bags of heroin and a needle in his arm, he’d be tossed to the side as just another dead junkie.

Good riddance…

heroin-philip-seymour-hoffman-overdose (1)But this isn’t the America within which we live. Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death and its circumstance is yet another in a long list of cautionary tales. How we decide to walk away from it is really a matter of choice. For me, however, as someone who dabbled heavily in drugs at one point I’d like to see a shift in paradigm as already stated. But, I guess now that four people are arrested for selling drugs to Philip Seymour Hoffman, the problem is solved. Which of course is bullshit; but, it’s obvious that the War On Drugs is still profitable as a war on people; and that rich people get better treatment.

Watch the video below: