Coca Cola’s Super Bowl Ad Was Awesome; Racist Reactions, Not So Much

Okay, so a black quarterback just won the Super Bowl last night, y’all! And, yes, I’m pretty hyped about it. After all, it’s not every day we get to see a black quarterback in the NFL take down someone like Peyton Manning, who is arguably the best quarterback in the history of the league.

As a matter of fact, the last time a black quarterback won the Super Bowl was the first time it was done when Doug Williams – a quarterback nobody wanted – of the Washington Redskins, beat the Denver Broncos, and yet another great white hype. So yeah, how about that for some irony and history?

Peyton Manning got his ass beaten so bad that he doesn’t know whether his name if Kunta or Toby

No seriously, I mean this thing is huge.

And in the age of Obama?

Yeah, we might truly be post-racial now…


Okay, so maybe I’m relishing in blackness just a tad bit much for some. But, don’t worry, as earth shattering as Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl win was, it’s good to know that thanks to Coca Cola’s Super Bowl commercial, that America is still beautiful… and still a pretty racist country full of people not afraid to speak out against the celebration of diversity and multiculturalism.

Check out the Coca Cola commercial below:

Personally, I thought the Coca Cola Super Bowl commercial was awesome. The racist reactions of “certain people? Not so much. As you can see, Coca Cola’s “America IS Beautiful” Super Bowl ad speaks to what makes this country great: the celebration of American exceptionalism through diversity.

russell-wilson-coca-cola-super-bowl (1)The Coca Cola Super Bowl Commercial Was Awesome; Racist Reactions To It, Not So Much.

But as my good friend Yesha Callhan over at Clutch Magazine points out, for some folks, singing “America The Beautifu”l in foreign languages is just unacceptable. I don’t know what you may think, or how you may feel about the ad – heck, you may agree that it was inappropriate.

coca-cola-tweetHowever, if you’re like some of the racist nutjobs complaining about it on social media and foolishly willing to boycott Coca Cola over this commercial as some have stated. Then, the truth is that it is people like you who are what’s wrong with America; and it’s a shame that the world sees this.

coca-cola-super-bowl-facebook (1)Fueled by the same racism tossed out on social media in reaction to Richard Sherman’s post-game interview with Erin Andrews. Many have taken to Twitter and Facebook to voice their opinions with the creation of the hashtag #BoycottCoke and #SpeakAmerican. Because, of course everyone knows that it was the indigenous Native American people who taught Europeans to speak English.

Hopefully nobody tells them that Russell Wilson is married to a white woman.