Coca Cola Made Americans Look Even More Idiotic

One of the biggest issues when it comes to the perception of Americans is that we come off as obliviously arrogant. If it has nothing to do with our issues, we have a tendency to not care. Also, we will blindly disagree with something to the point of self-loathing and parody levels of ignorance. Too many of us readily hold onto beliefs that scientifically/socially/morally are irresponsible and absurd. In short, Americans make America look stupid.

And I’ll bet you there are going to be some detractors saying “Oh, I’m anti-American” or “If I don’t like it, then I should just leave” and the rest of the bullshit remarks that come from these kumquat-pseudo-intellectual-makeshift-patriot ass people.

For them, I say this: shut the fuck up. And there is a reason they need to find those fucks they actually give and then shut them up in the attic.

Coca Cola released a Super Bowl Ad showing different races, creeds, and cultures singing “America the Beautiful” in a multitude of languages, contexts, and situations. It had intermingling instances of living life in America. Regardless of whatever you believe, it showed that this nation could be something great if it came together. Even if the commercial is a beacon of capitalistic ideals molded into patriotic porridge sweetened with the saccharin of multiculturalism, it was still a beautiful display of such. In short, Coca Cola made a commercial that was hard not to love.


Yet and still, plenty of Americans found every dumb reason to dislike the commercial. Quips about either “speaking English” to people asking Pepsi to not “sing our national anthem in a foreign language” to even Coca Cola being “no longer American” became the rage on Twitter. When a commercial gets a hashtag (#BoycottCoke), then you know it is serious business. It was so serious that there have been previous articles about this commercial. I guess Coca Cola won this round without even trying.

Sadly enough, “America the Beautiful” isn’t our national anthem. But that is beside the point.

One of the biggest problems with “Americans” is that we expect conformity within the throngs of senselessness. America is a great nation of immigrants. So, there are different cultures with additional languages being spoken on a daily basis.  If you understand that, then there will be different people pledging allegiance to this country in whateverlanguage or dialect they please. So why is it hard to accept that people can make a commercial signifying that allegiance with words that aren’t English?

Answer: because Americans have a bad habit of being self-righteously haughty.

You would think that someone suggested changing the national language to something other than English (if you gauged the responses to the commercial). However, no one did that. Why would they? If they readily accepted living in this country, they have readily accepted some things are going to be what they are. This commercial wasn’t a parade of anti-Americanism; it was a celebration of the nation that was presently built around a bunch of different countries coming together under one umbrella to have a unified nation.

The only way for America to stop looking foolish is to take time to reevaluate some of our beliefs and values. Too many times we are quick to judge and dismiss. When people start looking childish and stupid, then you know it has gone too far. In actuality, America is a beautiful place. Yet, too many people work hard to make it look otherwise.

Americans: look in the mirror and take off the make-up of patriotic egotism. It isn’t attractive anymore. We look like clowns.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!