Why Bill O’Reilly Is An Idiot

Even though Bill O’Reilly is an idiot, that doesn’t mean that he’s stupid. In fact, quite the opposite. He is a college educated man who worked his way up from a talk radio fill in to the host of his own show on Fox News. What makes one an idiot, like O’Reilly, isn’t the level of their education or their ability to work their way up in the world, but the knowledge that what they are saying is absolutely stupid and false, yet they say it anyway. Over and over and over again.

This is what was on display before the Super Bowl this past Sunday. For some reason President Obama agrees to this annual idiot fest, where O’Reilly interviews him on national television before the big event. Why he subjects himself to this torture is anybody’s guess. Maybe he wants to show that he is willing to be interviewed by anyone, anywhere, at any time. Or maybe he knows there are millions watching and it’s a good way to reach so many in just a few minutes. Or maybe he wants to show all of those people what an idiot O’Reilly really is. I think that might be it.

If I were the President I would do the interview but only if it were conducted by a real news person, not an entertainer. Just allowing O’Reilly to conduct the interview gives him a sort of cashe that he doesn’t deserve. But anyway Obama is Obama so he does the interview. The first question was about Obamacare. But O’Reilly didn’t ask about the CURRENT state of the ACA or how many people have signed up or even legitimate questions about some road bumps, no O’Reilly went back four months to the roll out, something that has been out of the news (except on Fox News) since November when it was fixed. Obama brought up the fact that it was indeed fixed and that over 3 million have signed up along with 6 million who are now signed up for Medicaid.

The ACA question would be the MOST legit question of the interview. It was all downhill from there. It was as though O’Reilly was stuck in a Fox News news cycle, one that only exists in their world of paranoid conspiracies and erection inducing Obama bashing that their older (nearly 70 avg age) white viewers masturbate to on a daily basis.

O’Reilly asked about Benghazi and the I.R.S. Once again bringing up those golden oldie questions about whether it was a terrorist attack or some dudes who were annoyed at the video tape. O’Reilly brought up Susan Rice again, making it look like she was wrong when she said it was probably a result of the video, even though we now know she was right.

O’Reilly continued the false belief that the I.R.S. went after right wing groups and tried to (god forbid) make them pay taxes since they are all political organizations when it’s a known fact that they targeted groups on both sides of the aisle. Groups that should damn well be paying taxes.

No matter though, whether it was about Benghazi, the I.R.S. or the ACA. The answers didn’t matter. You see O’Reilly wasn’t looking for answers, he was looking for red meat to through at his ‘Love to bash Obama’ audience. It was the key words that mattered..Benghazi, I.R.S., Obamacare, Rice, Sebelius, Terrorist, Scandal, Conspiracy… on and on. This is all that mattered.

bill-oreilly-obama (1)You could see the Fox News 70 plus year old white males sitting up in their comfy Archie Bunker chairs and cheering on the idiot O’Reilly, the way they would their favorite football team. “Get em Bill!” they would yell, “You tell em Bill O!” while their own Edith’s yell at them to “Calm down before you get a heart attack!”

This is what the interview was all about. It’s why O’Reilly would constantly interrupt as soon as Obama began his answers. The keywords and phrases were out and that’s all that mattered. Yes Obama made Bill look like an idiot but that’s an easy thing to do when the guy knows he’s an idiot. O’Reilly knows the answers to his own questions because they were all answered ages ago. Answered many times by Obama himself as well as through hearing after hearing. O’Reilly knew the answers, knew the truth, yet he continued to play the idiot for his 70 plus year old white male audience.

Hey, does anyone remember all of those interviews Bush gave with Rachel Maddow or Keith Olbermann?? Neither do I. Or do any of you recall those interviews O’Reilly did with Bush where he asked him about the failures on 9/11 or in Iraq? Neither do I.

You see we have a President who plays ball. He gives the interviews most likely because he feels it’s the right thing to do. He is telling the truth so why not do them? None of this matters though. Only the key words matter.

O’Reilly is the idiot, playing to idiots who are no better than one of Pavlov’s dogs. Salivating when they hear a word that makes them go into heat.