Cee Lo Green: The Rape Machine

The Voice - Season 5Cee Lo Green has amassed plenty of fame and wealth for himself. When his career began, he was the loquacious and grounded emcee from Goodie Mobb. His verses on wonderful tracks like “Cell Therapy” and “Beautiful Skin” put him in the realm of emcees that could control a microphone. Eventually, he became more known for his singing skills. This turn of garnered skill turned into good fortune.

Now, I am wondering where it all went wrong. In recent history, Cee Lo pleaded no contest to charges of slipping ecstasy to a woman [1]. All the while, he maintains his innocence. However, he did plead “no contest” which usually means that he did something wrong. Still, he received his mandatory probation and hour allotment for community service [2].

When I first saw this situation, I thought “maybe this could have been a misunderstanding”. As a person that actually watched Cee Lo Green grow into an international artist, I hoped for the good. I actually wanted this to be something of a “situation gone horribly wrong”. I knew that Cee Lo Green knew better than to get himself into such a compromising situation. This was the maker of “Beautiful Skin” and “Soul Food”, so I thought he was above this type of foolishness.

Sadly, those songs were made in the mid to late 90’s. Also, this wasn’t Goodie Mobb Cee Lo. This was “Hollywood Cee Lo”. And “Hollywood Cee Lo” be on some new stuff.


Cee Lo Green Should Have Never Said Anything

This is a public relations nightmare waiting to happen. Cee Lo Green, being “too smart for his own good”, shouldn’t have even engaged anyone on Twitter about his case being resolved. Instead, he wanted to “educate” people on how the court system works. He wanted to get to “proving his innocence” by making analogies that made him look less of an world renown artist and more of an intrusive anal bead. In short, this conversation made him look bad.

Cee Lo Green and the Affirmation of America’s Rape Culture

Cee Lo Green only brought affirmation to America’s rape culture situation. His analogies dealing with “if I tried but did not succeed, but she said I did” only points out that he attempted to do something he had no business doing. People may think this line of thinking is okay. You know: it is okay to “attempt to do the wrong thing but fail so I am innocent” type of logic. I don’t know if that is what he EXACTLY meant. However, I do know that this is the message many of us are going to get from it.

And that message is dangerous for men and women alike.

The problem with our society is that too many men (and women) think that this behavior is acceptable. They think that these type of actions are something to actually “look forward to”. Need I remind you of the survey on the acceptability of rape? Need I remind you about how plenty of men think rape is acceptable and okay? This is a problem from coast to coast.

Hollywood Cee Lo’s indiscretions is just a creature from a demon creating womb.

Cee Lo Green the Rehabilitation Machine

I would hope that Cee Lo Green gets all the help he can during his drug counseling. I also hope that his time served with his community service does him some good. However, there are plenty of people that want him imprisoned (and rightfully so). Now that he “got off easy” (depending on your opinion), he should now understand the error of his ways. At this moment and beyond, Cee Lo should speak out against the madness that our present rape culture allows.

Cee Lo Green The Rape Machine 2

I mean, this was the man that said these classic lines:

At one time, my mind, just, couldn’t conceive

A woman had to dress a certain way to believe

But, in the same breath, a-llow me to say

That, if you believed young lady, you wouldn’t dress that way

And I, was attracted to your class, I couldn’t see all yo’ ass

And, I was very content, and you deserved every complement

How else should I view him?

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!