Here is a list of black women murdered by the police. And yes, I say “murdered” because the intent was never anything short of that.

1.)    Rekia Boyd:

Caught up in a situation of “being in the wrong place at the wrong time”, Rekia Boyd died when an off duty police officer, Dante Servin, approached a group of people about noise while he was out to “get a burger” [1]. At some point, he shot Rekia Boyd in the back of the head as he was shooting at Antonio Cross. Sad part: Servin thought Cross had a gun when it was in fact a cellular phone [2]. Sometimes, it is better to think before pulling the trigger.

2.)    Shereese Francis:

In a case of horrible judgment and doing all of the wrong things, Shereese Francis lost her life. For some apparent reason, the cops were called when the parents called seeking medical attention for Shereese [3]. Disoriented, Francis ordered them out of her house or she would “call the cops” [4]. She was eventually suffocated while being handcuffed. This is a case of “people doing the wrong thing at the wrong time”.

Black Women Murdered By Police 2

3.)    Pearlie Golden:

Pearlie Golden was a 93 year old woman disgruntled about not being able to drive. Her nephew took her car keys and one thing led to another [5]. Brandishing a weapon, the police were called (which made the situation worse). She was shot 4-5 times and killed. The unusual aspect of this situation was that she was killed by an officer that had already had a history of recklessly killing civilians [6]. Sometimes, it is the person behind the badge with the issues.

4.)    Kendra James

Traffic stops can go wrong. However, this became deadly. After the driver and passenger were removed peacefully, Kendra James jumped into the front of the car. After several unsuccessful attempts to remove her, the cop eventually shot her [7]. Eye witness reports and evidence shows that the officer was a good distance away from James when he shot her (contrary to his report of “holding the gun to her head”). Still, the officer won the civil suit against him [8].

5.)    Alesia Thomas

When dealing with someone with mental health issues and chemical dependency, sometimes delicacy is a great policy. Another policy to have is to not hit and kick the person while they are cuffed [9]. However, this was ignored when it came to Alesia Thomas. In a bizarre case of child endangerment/abandonment, veteranOfficer Mary O’Callaghan was called in for back up [10]. And by back up, we mean the job of hitting and kicking Alesia while she was already cuffed. This eventually led to her death.

Black Women Murdered By the Police Conclusion

Say this with me again: “black women murdered by the police” is just as much a problem as black men murdered by the police.

We have to understand that police brutality is bigger than gender. For all of those that want to feel ostracized by the attention given to men, I have a message: don’t feel that way. This is a nationwide struggle that the Black race is facing as a whole. We have to stick together on this. And the first step in that unity is making sure we recognize the overall facts.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!