Unpacking Whiteness: Bill O’Reilly, White Privilege and Denial

Bill O’Reilly, a commentator for Fox News and host of his own show The O’Reilly Factor firmly denies in the existence of white privilege. But of course. He is white, male, straight and rich, the most oppressed human being in the United States.

It’s funny how fellow Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly supports the existence of white privilege. Most within her side of the political aisleOreillyWhitePriv like O’Reilly reject such a concept usually citing less-than-savory experiences and their work history to prove that they weren’t born into wealthy families and somehow, white is the new black, neither of which is well-founded in the topic of racism or white privilege, the side-effect.

White privilege is a term that describes social, political and even economical advantages granted to human beings born with white skin. It doesn’t matter if you’re poor or started out poor. If you’re white, you still have privilege due to the simple fact that you are white. End of story.

Since blogging, I realized that it’s near to impossible to prove racism to white people. White privilege is something many of them, and some people of color, believe is a part of liberal race hustling as if the left is completely insusceptible to racism. In all arguments against white privilege, all of them turn out to be exhausted attempts to shift the conversation away from the subject matter and make those who acknowledge it look stupid and feel like crap for bring it up in the first place. It’s part of the old “You’re racist for bringing up racism” ploy.



Seriously, you can’t discuss how hard it is for black people to catch a cab, get followed by store personnel in any store, get stopped or harassed by police or why you don’t see a lot of representations of yourself in the media without someone telling you how hard white people have it. Not getting a job or an approval to attend the university they think they rightfully deserve seems to translate into “oppression against white people. On the other hand, what we go through is our own damn fault. Somehow we, collectively, need to take responsibility for how we’re treated.

If store personnel monitors us, then maybe my people shouldn’t have been stealing so much or we shouldn’t have “looked” suspicious. If we weren’t so busy committing crimes or “looked” suspicious, maybe the police wouldn’t be stopping, searching, harassing, shooting or even murdering so many of us. If we would just get jobs, maybe our unemployment rate wouldn’t be high. And if we just worked harder, we wouldn’t be poor.

But try to tell some white folks how they need to check their privileged attitude and you will get chided. All we need to do is simply do better and work harder. Nevermind the racial stereotypes that continue to permeate the minds of so many people or the structural racism constructed to control us and keep us in check at the bottom of the racial caste system, because apparently that doesn’t exist. We just need to do better. End of conversation.

One of the privileges of being white is never being told that your people, as a whole, need to do better. I’ve never heard anyone telling those who didn’t get the careers they wanted or the college they applied for to “do better” individually or collectively, particularly in a patronizing tone.

As a black male, I don’t have the privilege of being seen as an individual, especially if I rob, murder or rape someone, because that’s how society sees me and almost all black men. Those of us who have never, nor ever will commit such vile deeds will still be assumed to have that inner nature that, due to our black skin, we can’t control, or the lust for lady parts, especially those of the European variety, is higher than that of white ordinary men. But if I were to win the Nobel Prize, I’m automatically not like “other blacks”. Either that, or somehow I don’t truly deserve it. If I saved someone, I would be lucky if it makes the news.

White males, on the other hand, are at the top of the Earthly caste system. Their being at the top makes them benevolent experts of…anything and everything, including black folks, by default. They are seen as naturally highly intelligent enough and next-to-angelic as you can get above us dumb, violent darkies. Only they can save us inferior beings through their efforts of “civilizing” poor us.

That is the rule while white criminals are the exceptions. They are individual screw-ups with mental problems. The world fucked them up. So, they fuck the world. And no matter how many times it happens, you won’t see white women cross the street when they see a white dude walking towards them. Us Negroes are the only ones to fear because according to white men, we’re ravenous for some white ass. And they must be right because, you know, they’re white men.

Before I wrap this up, I want to look back more than several weeks ago when I published an article concerning a fellow named Anthony Cumia, formerly one-half of the now-defunct radio show Opie and Anthony. The former radio host allegedly was a victim of an attack by a black woman while he was taking photos. He vented his anger on Twitter and unveiled his obvious racist mindset. He has been making racist comments since day one, before the alleged incident. But his Twitter rant sealed his pink slip.

So, I wrote about how racist white males like him are not only given a media platform, but are paid handsomely for their bigoted views, overt and secret. As it turns out, many of Cumia’s fans were upset hearing about his dismissal. Some of them came to my article via Facebook and left their angry comments condemning me and my post for dissing a guy who was, in their minds, simply speaking his mind or speaking the truth.

So, let’s look at the facts. Cumia had a show for long time. He got paid a lot while making racist statements and comments up until his firing. Recently, he was featured at a white supremacist radio show spewing more racism. And he will likely get a job where he can be as racially hateful as possible. White privilege anyone?

I could write pages, maybe books, about how white privilege sickens (sometimes literally) me as a black person in America. Perhaps this one article can help get the conversation going. However, this could also have the same effect as my article on Anthony Cumia, inviting pestilence from non-racist, Freedom of Speech supporters who will consider me as a villain. In their minds clouded by a dense fog of white privilege, calling out or discussing racism is worse than actually living it or being effect by it in some way. And their mission to troll the hell out of me will end up proving that white privilege is not only here, but supported.