Jesus Wept: So, is Fighting Over a Man in Church What’s Hot?

Well, since everyone in America is focused on celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ in a couple of days, Since everybody is now religious, and acting like all good Christians should by punching shoppers in the face, I have to ask; Umm, are women fighting over men in church what’s hot now? I swear, some of y’all folks crack me up. The sad thing is that this sort of thing probably happens a lot across America on Sunday morning.

No, I’m not talking about women throwing blows. I am however talking about so-called good Christian women sitting up in the pews while having a funky attitude the morning after joyfully having an adulterous peen belonging to a fellow church member, gladly inserted in their mouths. Forget splitting the baby in half, does the pastor have to split a dick or sumthin’ to make the “sisters” act right? I mean damn, where’s the love?!! What’s next, praise dancing on stripper poles?? Oh, and they did this shit on First Sunday too? I don’t know, but it sounds like somebody spiked the grape juice at New Salem.