You Black People Should Learn to Stop Resisting Arrest!

Oh well, I guess it’s a true sign of summer when these stories involving police and encounters with police are all the rage. Yep, schools definitely out for the summer, but that doesn’t stop po-po from teaching a few lessons. Yes, because for the second time in a few days I’m blogging about another police beatdown of a teen here in America.

This time, the story comes out of Seattle. You know, the city where they love beating the Mexican piss out of, well, innocent Mexican suspects of criminal activity? Well, this story involves a 17yr old black female and her friend. And what was her crime you ask? She was stopped for “allegedly” jay-walking:

Now, I’m sure like me you’re of the belief that the actions of the cop wasn’t warranted. Like some people commenting on this on YouTube, you probably think that this girl was obviously resisting arrest and deserved to be punched in the face. But I’ll leave that debate up to you folks, and just say that this girl was lucky.

Yes, she was lucky to only walk away with a black eye out of this encounter. I mean, the cop could have easily shot her fifty times with his side piece, after using his taser to damn near kill her subdue her; only to drag her off to jail and stick a plunger up her ass. Not an unlikely sequence of events of course, given other high profile stories of police brutality. So yes, this is a teachable moment and I hope you’ve learned something here today.