The ‘Angry Black Man’ Defense of Obama’s BP Response is a Waste of a Race Card

I never thought I’d see the day that I actually agreed with Bill O’Reilly on something, and publicly admit it. Sure I might lose some of my street cred and a few ghetto passes for this one, but I think he’s right. Yeah, I know that’s strange coming from a veteran racism chaser such as myself. But defending the criticisms of Obama’s lack of an emotional response to the disaster in the Gulf by throwing down the “Angry Black Man” race card is foolish. If anything, what it says, is that the president is weak and incapable on leading because he happens to be a black man:

I’m sorry, I’ll defend Barack Obama from obvious racial attacks from the likes of assholes on the right. You know the stuff I’ve highlighted on this site for the last two years. However, I refuse to accept the argument that suggests that he cannot afford to show anger towards BP and their obvious incompetence, for fear of being seen or perceived as an angry black man. Especially when said black man defied all the odds to become America’s first black president, who has taught us to take responsibility, and shed all excuses.

You see, when you throw out race cards when it’s not necessary, you open up doors for slave catchers like the black dude in the video above to run his bullshit rhetoric that even Bill distanced himself from. Listen, America is angry about the fifty plus days of oil spewing into the gulf; and rightfully so. If Barack Obama stood up and showed his disgust about what’s happening at the hands of BP, nobody white is going to stand up and criticize him or judge his behavior to be typical of black men, or any black person in America.

The sister on the panel has a valid point as does Jonathan Capehart in his article as far as the stigma of the angry black man or woman. However, in this case, I just don’t see where being cautious of this is applicable. The truth is, we all want this crap in the gulf to come to and end; and if it means gettin’ a little gully and snatching some collars, then so be it. It doesn’t matter whether the president is black or white, what matters is that the American people feels a connection between themselves and the president.

The real irony of this is as Bill points out, president Obama has responded to his critics with a shift in tone and presentation. This is the very reason the administration is pulling out all the stops in regaining lost political capital, with his current tour of the gulf states today and tomorrow. But hey, don’t tell that to the some of his strongest supporters who refuse to be critical of the man they voted for to run this country and lead the free world. A man who they themselves looked past color and voted for based on his capability to do a better job than his opponent.