Yesha Callahan on Rep Chris Lee-Craigslist Scandal: Owning My Shit

[Editor’s Note: The following is an official response from my longtime friend, Yesha Callahan to the media and public at large on the subsequent backlash from the Rep. Chris Lee Craigslist shirtless photo scandal.]

Since all anonymity is lost, and I’m the “bad” guy, might as well say my piece on my own site.  Sure, I received photos, yes I sent them to Gawker. It’s nothing that I haven’t said to Gawker, The Loop 21 or The Washington Post, whom apparently received an anonymous tip from someone that gave them my name. So no, I didn’t reach out to The Washington Post to “give” them my story. They were the first to find my name and the reporter actually was pretty easy going about it. Thank you Lonnae.

Sure, I’m the bad woman.

Some even say I enticed former Congressman Chris Lee into sending me the shirtless photo. Excuse me for not realizing asking “Do you have something that doesn’t look like a JCPenney Ad” is considered enticing nowadays. Maybe I’ll use it more often. Maybe it’ll keep me off of Craigslist. Maybe it’ll yield me a financially & emotionally stable man. I mean anything is possible right?

The funny thing about Craigslist is that it’s a one stop shop. For all of you holier than thous out there, the same people you’re meeting from Match, E-Harmony, OkCupid and whatever other high priced service you want to use, guess what…they’re all on Craigslist too! And if you’re looking for a job, may I suggest the job ads as well.  If you have a business, go ahead and post your information, posting a simple ad in less than  5 minutes will probably yield you a little extra spending money. There you go, my unpaid  advertisement for Craigslist.

I’ve learned today to stay away from reading comment sections on articles that have been written. Especially when assholes who have no clue what they’re talking about are commenting. R.I.F. (reading is fundamental).  Maureen at Gawker pretty much laid out the  story from start to finish.  Also, to set the record straight, Gawker didn’t pay me & I didn’t ask to be paid.

Then you have those people who want to “drop dimes” and give anonymous tips. Yeah, we all know how that goes. Nothing is anonymous.  I learned that the hard way this week.  Then you have people who want to search and dig. See the difference between them and myself, I didn’t have to dig hard. But if it makes you happy to go back YEARS in my history and find a state tax lien that has been satisfied, some parking violations, a few days in jail *GASP* over stupid shit and the recent Federal lawsuit regarding the previous name of my site, then knock yourselves out.  Call every local newspaper or news channel. Shout it from the rooftops if it makes you feel better. Just don’t slip and fall, I don’t need another lawsuit because you broke your fucking neck while doing it.

Tonight I will sleep fine.

Tomorrow I will sleep fine.

Hopefully those people who live lily white lives with no blemishes will sleep fine as well.


Check out the inside scoop from Danielle Belton via MSNBC’s The Last Word: