Another Black History Moment: Barack Obama Frees the Slaves of Egypt (Moses Who?)

We Both Have Funny Sounding Names

I really haven’t been following the events as they’ve unfolded in Egypt. But whatever’s been happening, I do know that somebody scored a major victory today as Hosni Mubarak has decided to resign. Of course it took him a while and he was quite defiant. But now I’m wondering just what it took to break him? Could it be those images of Negroes from New Orleans and Los Angeles shipped in specifically to loot in Egypt? Could it have been one too many renditions of Barack Obama invoking his inner Jesse Lee Brooks as he sung “Go Down Moses” in Mubarak’s ear? Or could it be that somebody finally  exposed his Craigslist shirtless camera-pic? I’m gonna say that this is all Obama; he can do anything, but don’t tell that to the Israelis. Who cares what a republican focus group in Iowa says; if this doesn’t prove Obama to be a Christian and not Muslim, nothing will. After all, Jesus was Black, no?