Yes Sharron Angle, Everyone Looks Asian

So it’s often said that all black people look alike, but of course we all know that to be untrue. Hell, as a black man I’ve always been told I look Asian. So see, there’s no way I can possibly fit the stereotypical big nose big lip mold; and, I even have the small Asian penis to prove it. Yes Sharron, like you and the Latino students you were speaking to, I too look Asian. Not sure how; but I suppose it’s something they put in the chicken fried rice.

Yes Sharron, just like black people Asians eat chicken too:

Nice one Sharron! Way to go defending yourself to those Latino students at Rancho High School for your recent campaign attack ad against Harry Reid. I mean claiming Reid to be soft on immigration might have been a good move politically. But all those poor Latino kids wanted to know was:
“Why is it that in all of your commercials you have the image of Latinos? What do you see when you hear, and I quote, ‘illegal aliens?”

Now of course you could have been honest. You could have told them something that explains the racist and xenophobic nature that has been the impetus of the anti-immigrant movement. Further, you could have told them that it’s important to you and the rest of the Tea Party and GOP to further polarize America. But I understand, Sharron; The truth is, you’re really a nice person, and you didn’t want to hurt their innocent Latino feelings.

Instead, you tell them that you’re not sure just exactly what a Latino looks like. I mean there’s no way they can say that the “illegal immigrants” in your campaign ads are in fact being portrayed as criminal Latinos much like they’re characterized in David Vitter’s campaign ad (seriously, that Vitter knows how to do the racism thing.). Instead Sharron, you tell them that they could have perceived to be Asian, just like yourself. Here’s to hoping you don’t meet with black students anytime soon. I’m not too sure about you pulling off looking black.