Why Sesame Street’s “I Love My Hair” Brought Tears To My Eyes…

By Seattle Slim

I know I’m a little late, but I wanted to add to this.

You know, going natural has not always been easy. It was very hard in the beginning. It was difficult, not to deal with other people because that was the easy part, but to deal with myself. I did not realize how many years of mental conditioning I’d experienced until I went fully natural back in 2008. It was a process for me to learn to say, “I love my hair” and truly feel it.

I finally decided to see what everyone was talking about yesterday, and the hype is well deserved. I don’t know why it brought tears to my eyes really. After all, it’s just a Muppet. But there was so much joy in the little girl’s voice, and there was so much to rejoice over.

It was such an unusual show of self-love directed at young black girls. Most of what we heard growing up was the usual message about how our hair was bad, or too difficult, in need of taming. I don’t ever recall anyone, not even myself, saying, “I love your hair” or “I love my hair.”

It brought tears to my eyes because clearly there is some kind of shifting toward the right direction and our children will benefit from that. I’m hopeful.

Show this to your nieces, daughters, cousins, sisters, grown and old. The lie that our hair is this “one trick pony” that can only do a certain thing has always been bullshit. We need to get to a collective point where we all can say without a doubt that we love our hair.

[‘I Love My Hair’ Video Inspired By Father’s Love of Daughter]