Would you leave your kids with this couple?

by Joanna

See, now stories like this one are the reason I plan on staying home with my children. I do not care how much I have to scrimp and save, if I am lucky enough to become a mother, I will be a stay at home mom. No day care centers, no public schools, I am not having any of that. For good reason. After all, why would I want to trust a stranger with the most precious gift in the world?
Snack time could have been terrifying at a North Carolina day care center that was discovered to also house a secret meth lab.

Police arrested the owner of Kit Kat’s Place Family Child Care and her boyfriend Tuesday after records showing the pair had purchased large amounts of pseudoephedrine — a key component for cooking methamphetamine — raised red flags.

“It’s not good to have a meth lab period,” said Sgt. Rick Hasson, who made the bust in Morganton, N.C. “To show up at one that is licensed as a day care is that much worse … I hope this is the last one we ever run across that is a licensed day care.”

Katrina Epperson, 27, received her license to operate the day care center the same day investigators swarmed the place and cuffed her, local health department spokeswoman Lori Walston told the Morganton News Herald.

No children had yet been enrolled at the center, which was cleared to care for up to eight kids up to age 12.

Cops also busted Epperson’s boyfriend, 32-year-old Christopher Webb, who appears to have been living with Epperson at the residence they allegedly set up as a day care on the ground floor and a meth kitchen in the basement.

They both were held in lieu of $25,000 bail, and Epperson’s license to operate a day care immediately was suspended.

Epperson has four children — all under age 10 — who were taken into custody by social services.

Local authorities said it was the first time a day care has been used to front a methamphetamine lab in the area.

“I think it is alarming to all of us, not only for the children who could have been there but for our staff that has to monitor it,” said health department official Tammy Barnes.

“I guess people are using anything they can for a cover, and it’s just really scary to all of us.” SOURCEI really feel for parents who are unable to stay at home with their children. You never know in whose hands you may be leaving your little ones. It is not like this was just a couple who took in kids without being authorized. They actually had all of the paperwork in place and were ready to admit kids. And, somehow, they thought it was OK to run a meth lab out of the same home.

It is really scary how devious people can be. It would be bad enough if this couple was caught SELLING drugs from the residence where the day care center is located. But, this, in my opinion, is even worse. Not only is there the worry of drug customers coming and going, some of whom may so desperately need a fix that they are willing to cause harm to the children enrolled in the day care center, but meth labs are DANGEROUS! How many times have we seen stories in the news about meth labs that have exploded, or caused fires?

Imagine going to pick up your child from day care and finding that he has caught in the cross fire of a drug deal gone bad. Or that she perished in a fire caused by an explosion in the basement OF HER DAYCARE CENTER!!

I wonder how this couple was able to live with themselves. They purposely set up a day care center AS A FRONT for a meth lab. They had no qualms about putting their own children and the children who would be enrolled at this center in harms way. That is a sad state of affairs.

This is the type of shit that makes me believe that the universe has a really warped sense of humor. People who are willing to put children directly in harms way are blessed with children, while those of us who would do absolutely anything for a child are left without. Sigh…..