There’s Nothing un-American About Calling President Obama a Kenyan

So I’ve been thinking. You know all this Obama hate? Yeah, all this Kenya talk that’s really not “hate” or “racist”, but instead an expression of defiance and discontent over his policies? Yeah, I finally figured this stuff out. Sure, it’s some Ole racist-ass-racist bullshit; but, it’s deeper than the traditional “we hate niggers,” type of racism.
I totally missed it when Newt Gingrich brought it up some time ago. But last week when Mike Huckabee was talking out the side of his ass, about Obama’s different view of the British and such, from his Arkansas trailer park? Like America didnt get its start from kicking British ass in a most expedient anti-colonial manner? I figured it out: these white folks are more pissed about Barack’s daddy than they are Barack Obama himself!
I mean why else would would they be so fixated on Kenya as they are? White folks ain’t gave a damn ’bout Africa since ‘We Are The World’ back in the day. But naw, all of a sudden a brotha starts talking about ‘Hope & Change’ and err’body wanna see a birth certificate, DNA, and a Maury Povich lie detector test episode.
You see folks, this is about the fact that Barack’s daddy, or his daddy’s, daddy’s, daddy, didn’t volunteer to come to America and pick cotton for free. Yep, nobody white ever counted on slavery backfiring to produce America’s first Black president. And now they’re talking ’bout being an oppressed minority group in Amuur’cuh ‘n shit, without never having to utter the word Massa to n’aan Negro.
See, forget ‘Audacity Of Hope’, son. Here’s the deal. Barack’s daddy had the Audacity Of Stroke to do the horizontal watusi with a white woman that produced a Halfrican child… in America. A child who would grow up with bigger dreams than going platinum, playing in the NBA, or reppin’ his hood in the penetentiary, to become the most powerful man in the world, unlike his distant American-Negro cousins.
You see, if Barack’s last name was Washington – the most popular last name of African Americans – there’d be no talk of his father or Kenya. They may have dug up some stuff about him being a relative of O.J. Simpson or some other beloved Negro like Louis Farrakhan . But you’d never hear anything about Mau Mau, anti-colonialism or none of that right-wing, conservative, reactionary bullshit.
The reason why there’s this talk? Or why it continues though his American citizenship has been validated inspite of what’s touted? It’s all because Barack’s great, great, great, great, greatest granddaddy was one of the Africans who got away. Sorry white supremacy, you can’t catch us all; and, we damn sure don’t die, we multiply.