Woke Up This Mooooorning (got yourself a gun)

“AK-47, the very best there is. When you absolutely, positively, have to kill every single motherfucker in the room; accept no substitute.” – Ordelle Robbie (from the movie Jackie Brown)

The 1st amendment, affords us the right to free speech; however, it doesn’t give us the right to yell fire in a crowded movie theater without repercussion when there is no fire, right?

Similarly, the 2nd amendment gives us the right to bare arms; however, I sincerely doubt whether that amendment grants us the right to purchase a nuclear warhead for our private protection or whatever, without scrutiny, right?

I mean seriously, if it did, I’m pretty sure it would be commonplace to own and be in the possession of surface to air missiles the likes of any military installment, right? I mean hell, everybody would have a tank in their driveway, right? That said, what is the point of owning a semi-automatic assault rifle as a private citizen?

Who or what does one have to become afraid of, to make the decision go out and purchase one of those? Maybe I’m wrong, and maybe I’m a little bit biased since I do not own any firearms, but can you tell me what should be my motivation for the purchase of one?

Well RiPPa there are bad guys out there with those type of guns so you better be prepared to deal with them by getting one of your own!

Listen, the only bad guys I encounter are the cats I see in movies. Sure, that sounds naïve, but just how am I supposed to protect myself from a car-jacking when my AK-47 is in the trunk of my car? Forget that question. Tell me where in the United States of America I’m able to walk down the street with an assault rifle in plain view of the public just so I can protect myself?

Oh, and let’s take into account that I’m a Black man when you think of an answer. Screw that, where are there White men who are able to get away with that one without even being questioned? Please tell me what town they live in.

Well RiPPa, some people are hunters you know!

Wait, are you serious? Well I’m no hunter, but if I have to buy an assault rifle to hunt deer and caribou here in North America, I think I should be more concerned that the Woolly Mammoth is back instead. Plain and simple, if you’re an enthusiast when it comes to hunting wild game in this country as you’re allowed, I can’t see where an assault weapon is the way to go.

What, are the wild animals Bloods & Crips now? No wait, they’re all members of that gang of Mexican drug cartel deer that snuck across the border, right? Damn Mexican deer; I wish they would just build a damn fence high enough that they can’t jump over.

President Obama is considering making changes and bringing back a ban on assault weapons, and I think it’s a great idea. I say that because somehow, someway, these firearms manage to wind up illegally into the hands of criminals on the streets.

I say if people were concerned about their right to bare these type of weapons, they should have encouraged politicians to pass legislation that makes it a lot harder to obtain these guns illegally in our streets. But now that Obama wants to do something about it, they’re all pissed.

Look, we need to get these guns off the streets; period. It seems to me that the only way to successfully do this is to cut it off at the source which is through sales across the country. Of course as with everything regulated there will be a black market. However, at least by banning these weapons, it should make it harder to obtain them especially at higher than the $400 going rate in California right now.

Yes, they are that cheap because they are easy to obtain and are in easy supply per the article I read. But hey, according to the nutjobs on the right-side of the political spectrum, Obama wants to ban all guns and now everybody is paranoid. From what I hear, it is this fear that drove a 22yr old young man to barricade himself in his home where he killed three police officers. Hmm, now I wonder where he got that idea?

This should make for a very well politicized debate in the months to come, and rightfully so. If Mexican drug cartel leaders can buy guns from stores in America as they have to sneak back across and wreak havoc. Who’s to say that the same thing is not happening right now on our streets. Like me, you don’t have to be a gun owner to have an opinion. I say that because whether you believe it or not, this stuff affects us all.

In closing I’d like to say that there is no direct correlation between gun control, and crime. Should this ban go through, crime is not going to decline. If anything, it should lead to a decline of these weapons being easily obtainable as they are right now for any criminal element. Even still, I don’t understand the reason for owning one, and my concern are these guns in the wrong hands. I say that because owning a gun or not owning a gun doesn’t make you any safer.

But I’m an upstanding citizen and not a criminal RiPPa!

Oh well, freedom ain’t free is what I was always told.

QUESTION:Would you be opposed or in favor of a ban on semi-automatic rifles?