Obama Bows Before the Saudi King and…

See, I told you people he was Muslim. Yup, if he wasn’t why else would he bow when meeting an Arab King?! Uh huh, and this act just means the death of America. Damn right it does. Barack Obama just sent the signal to Iran to bomb America with their many nuclear warheads!

Ok, ok, ok, so I’m channeling my inner right wing neoconservative fears like the people over here on the blog so appropriately titled: Wizbang. According to them, no president is supposed to bow before any other head of state because that would be an act of submission. OMG, you people should read the responses.

They have even found fault by saying:Would Abe Lincoln bow down to a slave-keeping Arab king? Did you notice how they tried to pull the race card with that title? I’m guessing they are sympathetic to the “Bama” part of the name Obama, and images of toiling Negroes in the south came to mind. Yup, thank the Lord for King Abraham Luther Lincoln Jr. dammit!

Yes, and the great Michelle Malkin couldn’t resist the temptation to give it her spin. I swear, if Michelle wasn’t a right-wing nutjob I’d probably stalk her because she’s cute. Sadly, cuteness is not immune to stupidity, but I digress. Wait a minute: is Michelle Asian or Hispanic?

These folks from the conservative online rag American Thinker should really consider dropping the word Thinker from their title for putting out crap like they so often do. Yeah, I read their bullshit so I can stay abreast of just what “Thinking Americans” actually think (LOL).

The funny thing about all of this is that George Bush was pictured holding hands with a Saudi monarch at one point in time during his disastrous presidency. Did anyone on the right see this as a defiance of protocol? Sure they didn’t. Surely they didn’t see that act as homosexuality because, well, George Bush is a republican, and republicans are not gay. But yet, Barack Obama bowing before the King is fodder for their ilk. Oh well, I can’t be mad at them. After all, this is what you get when you put Negro trash with no home training in the White House, right? Speaking of which, what ever happened to him being an Uppity Negro elitist? Hopefully they don’t have anything negative to say should he meet the pope and choose to kiss his ring.