I originally wanted to title this post “God Doesn’t Like Feminists”. I even had a very funny argument which supports the feminist movement in rough draft that I’ve been working on for a few days. Yeah, it takes a few days before the birth of genius sometimes. But instead, in keeping with my “Happy Negro” persona, you guys now have the title as posted above.

So why is there only one Oprah Winfrey? Now, this isn’t a black or white issue. But even in acknowledging that, I can’t help to put it out there that Black women have been holding the shitty end of the stick far longer than any other group gender wise, or racially. I had to be sure to put that out there to piss off the people who often come to this page who complain about me constantly write about racism in America.

So again, why is there only one Oprah Winfrey? How come we don’t see more Black women as successful as Oprah? Hell, how come we don’t see more White women as successful as Oprah? What did Oprah do that was so different? I mean, she’s a Black woman, and last time I checked, thats a pretty huge disadvantage in today’s society. As a matter of fact, just being a woman in America isn’t easy as compared to men. Its a fact that women on average earn less than men for the same work. And this is something that holds us back as a society in general. In my opinion, everything starts with the woman, and its sad that women have to be silent victims in acceptance of male domination.

I have three daughters who will soon be facing the world. I don’t have a son with whom I can share the optimism of becoming president of the United States now that Barack Obama has been elected. But what am I supposed to tell my daughters? I’m not gonna tell them its best that they stay barefoot and pregnant. I can hope that they would be married and building families themselves when they get older. But do I tell them that they can never be Oprah Winfrey? Can I say that knowing the disadvantages face by women. Hell, Oprah doesn’t even have kids. So do I tell them for them to be successful they need to fore go any thoughts of children?

I really would like to hear your thoughts on the subject. I’m not so interested on what you think I should tell my kids. I’m more interested in hearing why there’s only one Oprah. Most importantly, I’d like to know why and how this inequality has been in existence for so long, and why haven’t you stood up and did something about it yet. I mean, we speak out on civil rights, gay rights, midget rights, but yet I don’t hear too much by the way of women’s liberation especially from Black women.

Please take the time to watch the following video so you can understand what I’m talking about. Seriously, there’s a wealth of information that is shared in the following video. I would also urge you to take the time to read “The Motherhood Manifesto” or take time to look at the documentary. I had the privilege of doing just that a few months ago, and it was truly an eye opener.