Who Would Jesus Vote For?

Listen, I’m gonna go ahead and say this, but um, you Christian Conservatives folks are scaring me. No, it’s not the whole eternal damnation in hell thing. Nope, I don’t believe in that stuff anyway. However, I want you guys to be mindful of the people among you who, how shall I say, are not quite Christlike? Ok so yeah you know as well as I do that there are fake Christians. Uh huh, yeah and the bible even warns of such people.

I just thought you should know that there are a few Christians over at the blog Conservative Black Woman who are of the belief that you’re not a Christian if you voted for Barack Obama. Yup, it’s pretty much a repeat of the whole real American vs. Fake American rhetoric from last years campaign. Yeah, I also heard that God is going to punish the 90% of Black people who did in fact vote for this man for president. Oh yeah, especially since Obama is going to personally perform and attend every abortion in this country under his watch.

Now, I’m not a Christian, or even profess to follow any deity, but I don’t think there was a “Thou Shalt Not Vote for Barack Obama” clause in you guys’ little handbook. The peculiar thing about this is that this talk was coming from Black conservatives. I say peculiar because if I remember correctly, Rabbinic law – you know, in the Old Testament – kinda sorta justifies slavery and the past treatment of Black people; yeah you know God was cool with all that slave stuff unless you were Jewish. I also heard that all the left wing liberal Blacks who voted for Obama were not Christians. I think these people are crazy with their talk, and assumed exclusivity on God, religion and morality. To me there’s no telling what they would be willing to do in the name of Jesus when they drink the elixir of Christ & Conservatism, or the conservatism they speak of.

Watch this:

Look, I know you guys have had this ongoing beef with Muslims especially since 9/11, but when did the culture war start between Christians because of Barack Obama? And now I hear that there is a “new emancipation” of the American Negro led by the group ragingelephant.org, where the slogan is, “They drank the Kool Aid we’ll drink the tea”. Yeah, according to this group, it is their duty to bring Black people back home to conservatism like the prodigal son. Are you guys serious? You mean to tell me, this is your new plan of attack in an effort to be more inclusive of supposedly Black Christian voters in this country? I mean, do they really think the mixture of Christian religious dogma as interpreted by them, with politics is going to reel people in en masse?

I don’t know about you guys, but this stuff is getting to be somewhat cult like, and it scares me. I’m afraid that I’m going to wake up one day to a news story which involves a mass suicide the likes of Jim Jones down in Guyana back in the day. Yeah and if I were Christian, I’m supposed to buy into the words of Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani in the video above? Hell, his name sounds more Muslim and UN-Christian than the name Barack Obama! I don’t wanna say it, but I think this dude got picked up at the rent-a-negro store by Michael Steele.I’m serious, I think this may very well happen within the next four or possible eight years of Obama’s presidency. Yes I do believe that these people will become so fearful that they will kill themselves.Yup, I don’t wanna say this, but I think they’ll soon lace the tea with cyanide.
Check this one out:I’ll be honest, I care as much about what you Conservative Christians believe spiritually as much I do somebody who chooses to be a suicide bomber. My thing is, I hate to see you people become just like those crazy people known as Islamic extremist who you rally against. And why? Because of the marriage of religion and politics. What ever happened to preaching love and being prophetic in that regard. You know, sorta like Black Jesus did before he was killed by Roman politicians? You know, the same Romans who turned around and made Christianity the official religion for political expediency? And what did Constantine do? He started persecuting the early Christian Gnostic pretty much like these people are doing today.

In the bible it was written that Jesus turned water into wine for some people at a party. Did you get that? He turned water into wine for the people. If Jesus was a republican, I’d like to think that he would have made his magic act into a business venture and profited, instead of doing what he did, for the people. I also remember that the bible told of a story of how he got pissed off and kicked a bunch old asshole hustlers out of the temple who were using his daddy’s crib to make a profit. I don’t know about you, but Jesus sounds more like a Liberal-progressive than he did a conservative. That said, it would appear to me that this very religious conservative movement, were the people he warned about some 2000 years ago.

Who would Jesus vote for?