So like, WTF is your problem lady??!!

Look, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking damn, RiPPa is about to lay it into a fat chick. Yeah you’re thinking, that RiPPa is so mean. Uh huh, you probably saw the picture of the lady above and just knew that I was about to do that right? Well, you’re wrong. I’m not going to talk about her being obese and weighing 420lbs.

Nope, nor am I gonna talk about the fact that she is the heaviest woman to have given birth to triplets. Nope, I’m not gonna sit here and talk about that astounding feat or how the hospital had to make a specially built operating table just for her c-section. Nor am I gonna talk about how it took 68 people to work as a team to deliver her kids.

I am also not gonna talk about how the father of her kids who happens to be Black left her in the middle of her pregnancy after meeting her and having sex with her for 4 weeks.

So what are you gonna talk about RiPPa. How did she get in them jeans?

I’m gonna talk about how this lady is a horrible mother. Ok, so How about this woman started feeding her kids fast food at 6mths old? How about this woman is living on public assistance and receives $333.00 a week and she doesn’t know how to cook so she feeds her kids junkfood while she spends her money on cigarettes.

Yeah, this 24yr old mother claims that her obesity is due to a thyroid problem. Something I find hard to believe when you only feed your kids vegetables on Sunday. That plus the fact that you only leave the house once a week just to pick up your check tells me that there’s more than just a thyroid problem. It tells me that this chick is trifflin. Anytime you live at home with your mom, with three kids and don’t cook, or eats the salads you mother buys, you’re a fat trifflin heffa. Yup, and its no surprise that the article I read about this woman says that the house has unwashed clothes and piles of toys all over.

But naw, you can’t tell this woman that she’s doing something wrong…

“Babies are always hungry,” she said. “Sometimes it’s easier to give them food that’s already prepared.”Really? They make baby food and package them in bottles that are already prepared, no?
“Anyway, they don’t always have junk food – sometimes I cook a microwave meal for them. My babies are healthy.”Did you say healthy? Um, you smoke 10 cigarettes a day on average and weigh 420lbs. What do you know about health? Call me an asshole, but maybe that’s the reason her “boyfriend” bailed on her. And this woman says she peels the chicken nuggets so as to make them healthier.
On an average day the triplets each have an 8oz bottle of milk at around 5.30am, another at 8am, and a crumpet with butter for breakfast.Lunch could be scrambled eggs on toast, instant mashed potato with spaghetti hoops, or a jar of baby food, followed by a packet of Wotsits each at about 2pm.Dinner at around 4pm could be a microwave lasagne or pie which their mother chews so they can manage it, and they sometimes have another bottle of milk before bed, although their mother says they’re often too full.
Yeah and that’s healthy. Shit, at the pace they’re going, they’ll probably have to start taking shots of insulin by the time they’re 2yrs old. But yet, this woman says her kids are healthy? The thing that gets me about all of this is that she lives in England.
So what does that have to do with anything RiPPa?
Well, instead of sending that horny looking Nanny chick to the States to tell people how to raise their fucked up kids. Shouldn’t she be spending time with this woman and the many more like her in England in a cooking class or nutrition school? I don’t know about you folks, but this woman is just damn pathetic and needs help.
Maybe I’m being mean, but I’m just thinking about the health of the kids. If she wants to eat herself into a sugar induced coma, that’s fine. But its a damn shame that she’s setting her kids up for some serious problems; but yet contend that they’re healthy. It was said in the article that her and her kids see a visiting nurse or something like that. I don’t know how they do things in England, but I think she needs more than that. What she needs is an intervention. I’m sure you have probably heard of stuff like this happening here in America. Personally, I think it’s sad, and for the kids sake, I hope she gets it together before she moves into her own home.”I do worry my kids could get picked on if they get fat, but I’d tell them that big is beautiful.”Sure lady, keep convincing yourself of that. Ain’t nothing beautiful about living a short life and dying as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Id like to know:if this were your child, how would you deal with this? Do you think it would be wrong for the state or gov’t to take her kids from her?