White Supremacy: Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you

Yesterday, almost five minutes after I published my last post on crazy people with guns, I turn on CNN to hear that some crazy 88yr old asshole shot and killed a guard at the Jewish Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. Then as I’m watching it coverage I find out this moonbat was a white supremacist, and that the guard he killed was Black. Yeah, a Black man killed at a Jewish Holocaust Museum by a White Supremacist who served in WWII.

Not trying to make light of this incident, but as I watched the coverage I couldn’t help but notice a shot where the shooter was being transported from an ambulance to the hospital. You wanna know the funny thing about that image? Everybody, from the EMTs to the hospital attendants and even the cops were Black. Yeah, I thought that was a funny expression of dramatic irony.

I wondered if this hero of White Supremacy was conscious at the time, and just what the hell he had to be thinking looking at all those Negro faces for which he held a certain disdain. I could be wrong, but a part of me thinks at that very moment, as rooted in hate as he was, if he had a gun he would have shot himself in the head. Yes, to hate Niggers, Jews, and Spics is one thing, but to have your life in their hands in another? For him to commit suicide would have been too easy, and I hope he survives his wounds.

Not that this experience would change him in anyway. I’d just like to know that he’s sitting in a hospital where there are people of color who recognizes him as a human being as they in their professionalism care for him. Care for him enough that he’s able to stand trial, and eventually go to a federal prison and be surrounded by all those Black and Latino men as he spends his last days of his old decrepit life on this earth.

Isn’t it ironic…dontcha think?