Religion, Alcohol, Guns & Stupid People Should Not Mix – But “Certain People” Just Don’t Wanna Hear It

Remember back during last year’s campaign when Barack Obama said something about certain people in this country clinging to their guns and religion with antipathy? Remember that? Remember how “certain people” went ape shit over that statement? Yeah, well, I didn’t forget, and the real irony of that statement is the fact that President Obama probably never figured he would be the poster boy for gun ownership as sales have increased since November 2008. So now that these “certain people” have all these guns, what the hell are they going to do with them?

Well, here in Tennessee, the state legislature passed a bill about a week ago allowing patrons to carry guns in restaurants and bars that serve alcohol. According to the bill, you’re allowed to carry a gun into these establishments as long as you’re not drinking. Local columnist Wendi C. Thomas weighed in on this recently, and I cannot agree with her more. You may not see this as a big deal but I do. I mean lets be real, it’s not like there’s a coat check service for guns at a bar or local pub. In other words: who the hell is going to check to be sure that a patron who’s packing a gun isn’t drinking? You know who? Nobody! That’s right, I seriously doubt whether there’ll be a gun check Matre Dee or hostess at bars or restaurants in this state to be sure of this ever.

And you know what else is jacked up? I doubt anybody ever checked to see if nightclubs serve alcohol or food. I mean technically, doesn’t it mean that anyone can pack a gun as long as they have a permit of ownership and are not drinking into a nightclub or a strip club?

Well that’s not a restaurant RiPPa.

Sure it’s not, but nightclubs and strip clubs do serve chicken wings and alcohol on occasion don’t they? I mean isn’t it part of their requirement for licensing? I don’t know about you or what you may think, but I don’t think it’s a good idea, but hell, don’t tell that to “certain people” in my state or the other 37 states who allow this. This state like many others spends a lot of money enforcing drinking and driving laws. I’d like to know if they plan to do the same in catching gun toting drunken patrons in bars. I’m all about individuals having the right to bare arms, but I strongly support the gov’t having the responsibility of protecting me from crazy gun owners.

Now as if that wasn’t bad enough, once again proving how much Barack Obama was right about “certain people” in this country, there’s this next story. There’s a church in Kentucky that is slated to have a “Bring Your Gun to Church” day or service in the very near future. Yeah, it would seem that these God fearing Americans love God & Country so much that they’ve decided to do this to celebrate the 2nd Amendment and the 4th of July all in one.

Check it out:

So lemme get this right: if it wasn’t for God and guns there would be no America? Ok yeah, so if there were no guns back then maybe we’d see more Native Americans alive today, but that’s a different blog. If this shit doesn’t prove just how much “certain people” are scared shitless and live in fear, then I don’t know what else does. It’s people like this pastor who are responsible for the surge in gun sales since the presidential elections. The fact that an abortion doctor was shot in church by another one of those “certain people” recently doesn’t help this church’s event either. But don’t tell that to the pastor of New Bethel Church. In his view, that recent church shooting reinforces a need to promote safe gun ownership. You wanna promote something? How about promoting the idea that crazy church people and guns shouldn’t mix?

Yeah, how about that. Because the way I see it, the idea of mixing religion and guns is a no no. I mean, don’t you Christians condemn the actions of Jihadists, and suicide bombers? I can’t do much about the recent bill being passed here in Tennessee allowing guns in restaurants and bars. But I have some close friends who live in Kentucky; some of them who are gun owners themselves. Maybe I should give them a call and have them attend this church service. Something tells me that if a few brothers with guns showed up in large numbers like the Black Panthers this shit wouldn’t happen again next year. But then again, maybe if Jesus had a gun at the Last Supper, there would be no “Last Supper” and hence no silly Christian pastors like Ken Pagano.

QUESTION(S):What’s your take on any of this? What are the gun laws in your city & state?