When Keeping it Post-Racial Goes Right! Or Maybe it Went, Wrong?

Umm, you tell me…Oh well, at least North Carolina is doing something to close the racial gap in this country. Forty acres and a mule? Sheeeeeeeit! Who knew that all it was gonna take to fix things would be furniture? My only one question would be: where was the White woman? Oh and did that Negro say that he likes to pump iron? Umm, I’m sorry homie, but I think the only iron you push would be a metal fork. Yeah and why does Richard aka Bighead look so ashy? What, there’s racial harmony in North Carolina but no lotion? Personally, I think this commercial should run on every station. Yes, it’s about damn time a Black man gets to sleep on a White man’s couch in America. Or, where a Black man can lay down on the job and not get fired for it?
I don’t know about you, but I’m now thinking of moving my family to North Carolina.Thank you Red House!
*looking around nervously*