Bin Laden Didn’t Blow Up the Projects

I need somebody to help me understand this Gitmo stuff…We live in a country, which has no problem throwing people into prisons. A country which has built a thriving industry just in doing so. A country which houses the most people incarcerated in the world. But yet, people are against people currently held in Guantanamo Bay as “enemy combatants” being housed on U.S. soil? A country where a soldier was given life in prison for raping a 14yr old Iraqi girl and murdering her family; while a Black man sits on Death Row being refused a new trial in the face of evidence that could very well exonerate him? What type of shit is that? WATCH THIS:Guantanamo Bay – USA

And then you have idiots afraid that they’re going to be living next door to a fuckin terrorist?!!! Damn, I thought we were over this fear shit in the age of Obama? Hell, now we have Democrats voting against the necessary funds to close Guantanamo Bay? What kinda shit is that?? Why the fuck should I be worried whether a terrorist lives next door to me? Can somebody answer this for me? I mean, I don’t even know my neighbors just like most of you. Hell, for all I know my neighbor could have a pit in his basement, or a dungeon like Rick James used to, where he has wild, nasty sado-masochistic sex with lord know who; he could even be a sex offender for all I know – maybe even a child molester.
But yet, I’m supposed to be scared that the guy next door could possibly be a terrorist from another country? Lemme guess, the 240 or so “terrorists” from Guantanamo just might bring those Cuban roaches with them, right? Yup, and now we have some asshole whose first name is synonymous with penis, and last name rhymes with Lamey, tell the American people that torture was justifiable. There are illegal immigrants in detention centers who have been languishing on U.S. soil, and have even died while in custody here in American.
Yeah, but now some people are of the opinion that the Gitmo detainees would be a bad influence on the people in prison here. Bin Laden didn’t blow up the projects. Dick Cheney, it was you and George Bush who lied to start this war on terrorism. Shit, it wasn’t Bin Laden who pushed for all this deregulation which has all but fucked working class people sideways. That said, why should I believe you when you say that you guys had to do what you had to do to keep the people in this country safe. Hell, people are having a hard time as is trying to make it and now you wanna step in a scare the shit out of them?
I thought Barack Obama was your cousin…
Tell the truth nigga!Somebody talk to me after watching this video…