Here we go again. Lets blame the Black guy. Gas prices have shot up overnight because of a hurricane named Ike Turner. Yeah, big bad Ike. Not the speculators, but the Black guy.

My wife just walked in bitching about gas prices making a dramatic jump from this morning, all because of the hurricane. Personally, I think its a bunch of bullshit. Shit, let the fuckin oil rigs blow down first. But hey, speculators can be a bitch. Assisting the “speculators” are the racist motivated antics of the National Weather Service. I told you people last week that they were racist, but you probably thought I was a loon.

Well, I was watching the hurricane “pre-game show” last night, and I heard the warning of eminent death if folks didn’t evacuate. Did you hear me? Death! Did they say that last week to the people in New Orleans when it was Gustav last week? No they didn’t. And Gustav was of the same intensity, as Ike; currently, its a category 2 as was Gustav just before it made landfall. But nooooo, Ike is gonna be more destructive, and there’s the danger of DEATH if you don’t evacuate. Sure its more destructive when its due to hit Texas (i.e. George Bush country), and not New Orleans.

In case you didn’t know, Ike Turner is a Black man and he sure knows how to beat up women, and mush cake in their faces. Oh yeah, and lets not forget the drugs. Never mind him being in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, and a pioneer in the music industry. Yeah, forget about that shit, lets scare the shit outta white people, drive up gas prices, all in the name of Ike’s dark side. Yeah, lets use Ike one more time to make money the way they did when he was a musician recording for this white dude from Memphis. No, not the Black King, the white one with the big mansion. Maybe you think I’m off base, or reaching with this as usual. But I’m sure Tina Turner would agree with me. But then again, it could just be another mission from God as is the war in Iraq.

“Eat the cake Anna Mae!!”