I dunno, but for some reason, everytime I hear the name “Gustav” on TV in reference to the hurricane, I picture Cheech Marin or a dirty pot smoking Mexican. No offense to my brown brothers and sisters reading this, because whenever they mention “Katrina”, I think of a fat black chick who sells dope, babysits, and sells boosted clothes in the projects. Does that make me racist? Nope. But it sure does say alot about the National Weather Service. With the exception of hurricane Ivan, in recent years, the most devastating hurricanes have ethnic sounding names. I’m all about Affirmative Action and all, but why do we have to be the fucked up hurricanes? Who’s the person naming these hurricanes, Bill O’Reilley?

And have you noticed that the fucked up/ethnic hurricanes all go to the “hood”, or as its better known…New Orleans? I’m thinking you black people need to chill with that Jesus was black thing because clearly, his white daddy doesn’t like it. I know you probably think I’m a loon for thinking this. But hey, have you given any thought to who we see standing on a beach reporting on the news while the wind blows at 700mph while it rains? Well, it damn sure ain’t black people; its always a white guy. Its funny to me how they manage to broadcast and give us the idea as to the danger of the hurricane, as they try to stay completely vertical as they speak over the roaring wind. If it was a black guy, I’m pretty sure he’d be saying something like…


Now I could probably suggest that white folks are crazy, and do crazy shit like that as opposed to black people. But to do that would be wrong, and just down right racist on my part. So hey, you’ll never hear that from me. The truth is, those white dudes you see reporting from hurricanes are all doing the work of God, and that’s why they never die while doing it. This is why I say that there’s a conspiracy with this. You never see a white dude on CNN standing next to a tornado as it destroys Kansas now do you? But conveniently, you see them in New Orleans braving the weather, and running the risk of drowning to show the destruction of the hood.

Just once I’d like to see one of them get hit by a flying coconut, or maybe even a tree. But lord knows that would never happen. Why would it when you’re doing the work of the lord. Besides, God has your back when you’re a republican. Just ask George Bush, or the people who prayed that it would rain on Obama’s speech last week. But hey, I could be way off base with the ethnic name thing. I could be just trippin. However, my train of thought could be a good argument for them to give hurricanes last names. The given last name could be used as a measure for destructiveness, or eminent danger. Trust me, if I knew that hurricane Leroy Jenkins was on its way to Memphis, my black ass would be the first one running for the hills.