What makes a b*tch wanna act in this fashion?

Listen, watch the following video before reading further….

Look it, from here on out, I’m gonna do something different. Instead of pointing out certain behaviors within the Black community and attributing it to the pathology associated with post traumatic slave syndrome, I’m gonna blame it all on crack. I mean lets face it, nobody, Black or White wants to accept the fact that still today much of what we see is a result of gov’t sanctioned practices over 400yrs ago. Yea, fuck that slavery shit son! Uh huh, you niggas need to get over that shit; at least that’s what I’m often told.

So yeah, instead, I’m gonna shift gears. Everything fucked up in the Black community is all a result of the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980’s. Is that closer to our current time period than slavery for y’all? Good, because everything that’s happening now is a result of crack. Yup, and Black people brought that shit from Africa on the slave ships so it’s all our fault.

Yup, all these bad ass kids running around fuckin up in school? Crack! All these single mothers raising kids in fatherless homes? Crack! Black people losing their homes via foreclosures due to predatory lending? Crack! All those dysfunctional muthafuckas on Maury everyday because they can’t remember the name of the guy they fucked and got pregnant? Crack! Damn right, the condom didn’t break, it’s all about crack dammit. Plain and simple: crack fucked us up really bad.

Yes, everything is all because of crack. Uh huh, crack fucked us up. Instead of wasting your money and time going to freecreditreport.com to figure out why your life sucks, just realize that it’s the way it is because of crack. Now watch the following video, and before you comment as to how trifflin this individual is, remember, it’s not the individuals fault. That’s right, blame it on crack. I mean think about it, crack babies are all grown now, right? Yup, and they are responsible for producing the spawn of their crack filled lives otherwise known as kids, right?

Seewhumsayinandshit?!! Don’t blame BET, Hip Hop lyrics, the internet or none of that shit. Come on, keep it real. Before all of that, there was crack. I say it’s time you people join me in the fight against crack babies; you know the ones who took the money from the sale of their 40acres and a mule and decided to grow poppy fields in the backyard? Yeah, those crack babies. It’s time we told the truth about this mess. It’s imperative that we do this because it’s about our future generations; that’s right, the kids.

What we are seeing in effect is the backlash of the crack epidemic. Damn straight, fuck the empire, Luke Skywalker and all that, the crack babies are striking back and we all gotta do something about it. Yes we do because I’m tired of seeing this. That plus my daughters have to go to school with these fucked up kids and now I gotta tell them about Pookie and Nino Brown.

Roll clip: Now what do you think is gonna happen to or how that kid is gonna act when he/she grows up? Yeah, this kid may very well turn out to be fucked up. Hopefully he/she doesn’t. But if the kid does, it will be said its the parents fault, right? Well, now you know that this is not true. Yup, no more of that personal responsibility stuff either. From here on out, who do we blame? I mean like my man Grand Puba says in the song Slow Down by Brand Nubian in the video above, “what makes a bitch wanna act in this fashion?” Come on say it with me really loud…CRACK!!!!Slow down sisters.
[Hat-tip to Siditty]