What if the Tea Party was Black?

Ok look, for some of you I realize the NAACP’s decision to formally go in on the Tea Party with a formal resolution seems ill-timed and ridiculous; as in a, tell-me-something-I-don’t-know kinda way NAACP ridiculous. Yes, and when you look at it, you can’t help but to think of the NAACP as MC HAMMER trynna make a comeback by bringing some beef to Gucci Mane as a last ditch effort to garner that ever elusive street cred (can you picture that shit!).

Yes I realize the NAACP loves colored folks and Barack Obama as the next racism chasing blogger. But c’mon NAACP; what exactly is supposed to happen other than Sarah Palin butchering the Queens English in interviews about you guys dropping that resolution, in defense of her beloved non-racist Teabaggers. Are we supposed to all of a sudden jump behind your back and toss the occasional dub sack money into the collection plate? Son, we’ve been going in on the Tea Party since day one!

OK so I know that lately you guys have lost your way chasing greeting card racism in Walmart; and then there’s that whole co-signing the legalization of marijuana in California, thing. And yes I know those ungrateful black folks have been giving y’all hell, so you felt the need to drop some bows on the biggest bully in the political playground. But why the Tea Party, NAACP? Why not go hard on the sponsors of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity et al.

I mean those are the folks putting the jumper cables  to the Tea Party, no? I mean the way I see it, the Tea Party isn’t the problem; the real problem are the assholes dominating the airwaves with the vitriolic and toxic sewage that spews from their mouths. Shit, Limbaugh called the late George Steinbrenner a “Cracker” on air the other day! Let Michael Baisden or somebody black try that shit NAACP.

These guys are making millions as they fan the flames of divisive racial politics as they usher in lord forbid a race war beyond the already existent class and culture wars of America. I mean, what if Michael Baisden said the word “Cracker” in reference to George W. Bush. Do you think he’ll be allowed to stay on the air, or even have a comeback like, say… Don Imus?

Yeah, what if the Tea Party was Black?