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So George Bush lied again. Surprised? Nope! Thats just what the fucker has been doing for years. Remember those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Yeah, the ones that were never there? Turns out, they didn’t mysteriously appear in Iran! For the last two years or so, Bush has been trying to convince the world that Iran has the capability to build a nuclear bomb. You know, the same Iran who backs those guys who throw rocks at tanks? Yeah, the same Iran who’s sophistication is responsible for IED’s (improvised explosive devices) in Iraq; yeah those guys. U.S. intelligence even released a report that informed the public that contrary to what Bush has been saying, Iran does NOT posses any nuclear technology, nor are they building a bomb. It turns out, that Bush knew about this since 2003! But instead, to gain support for the war in Iraq, or to justify his actions in Iraq, he had the public believe that Iran was working on something “evil”. And now we have John “Grandpa Moses” McCain and Sarah “I’m on a mission from God” Palin, shoring up support by painting the picture of Iran being a threat.
What if Bush’s popularity was up and he gained support to make a move on Iran? I mean, really, what if?!! Thats exactly what he did with Iraq! Its really sad that some people are too stubborn to admit that they were foolish in supporting this man and his war on terror. Look people, one lie always leads to more lies. Usually when you tell a lie, you have to tell more lies to cover up your story. If you don’t believe me, think Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski, or anybody you’ve seen busted on “Cheaters”. I mean, lets be honest, we’ve all lied in our lives. Fortunately for most of us, our lies have not led to death and destruction combined with a 700 billion dollar tab at the local bar or strip club.
I don’t know about you people, but don’t you see a pattern since George Bush has been elected? Hell, the election itself was a lie, Al Queda and Bin Laden flying planes into the World Trade Center was a lie, Sadam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was a lie, and now this!!! Hell, I’m not sure if the guys name is George W. Bush anymore!!! Look, I know its almost 2009, and his reign of bullshit is almost over; I know this! I know that there’s nothing we can do now to change what he has already done to the American public; thats not the point of this blog. However, we can be very careful of the next person we elect to the White House in November. For the love of everything good in our lives, please do not elect another “weapon of ass destruction”. I’m sorry folks, but my anal sphincter just can’t take it anymore.